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Nov 17, 2010 05:13 PM

Hamilton area wedding venue. Help!

My fiance and I are searching tirelessly for a wedding venue. We're from the Toronto area, now living in Hamilton, and are hoping to have the ceremony/reception in the Hamilton area since a) we like Hamilton, b) it will be more convenient for us to plan things , and c) it will probably be cheaper than doing something in Toronto.

We are wondering if anyone has any suggestions for places that can hold approximately 100 people, and either has nice outdoor space (i.e. is in the country), is cool and sort of industrial (i.e. beams, brick, etc), or is casual heritage (if you catch my drift). We're both creative people and want to have a unique space that we can put our own stamp on.

We are already aware of Liuna Station, Liuna Gardens, Ancaster Old Mill, Knollwood Golf Club, etc. Any suggestions for venues that are off the radar would be amazing!


Old Mill
21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, ON M8X 1G5, CA

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  1. My stepson got married at The Tamahaac Club up on the mountain towards Ancaster. It was very nice. It's a bit of an anachronism (skeet shooting club where the old boys go to drink) on partially wooded grounds overlooking Dundas. They rented a tent and had it set up on the lawn. The club chef did some very good food.

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      I also went to a wedding there. It was a perfect September day and gorgeous. The food was great - and it's a pretty place.

      Would the Art Gallery of Hamilton work? It's a funky space - and with an amazing art collection.

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        I just noticed this post and was wondering if you have any idea if you have to be a member to host an event at the Tamahaac Club? I saw the grounds and they look stunning - I'm sure your stepson's wedding was lovely!

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          Yes you have to be a member to even drive up the driveway...I beleive membership is inherited. Some private 'GENTLEMANS' skeet club. Lots of secret parties I think..good luck finding any information on this place.

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          this looks like a lovely venue, thank you for the suggestion.... do you have to be a member to host a wedding there?

        3. I highly recommend looking into Paletta estate in's a heritage estate on the lake in Burlington and can be booked for's beautiful and where I would choose to be married! (I live in Burlington)

          1. Just working the Chow angle here, but what about working backwards - you could try going through caterers for their suggestions of venues that have been really successful for them. Like Burlgurl, I'm more familiar with Burlington than with Hamilton, and have had wonderful catering experiences with Grinning Gourmand in the past:

            It might be worth looking into their food and asking for tips at the same time!

            1. I would call/go down to The Pearl Company and see if they can help you out. If their space isn't suitable, then I'll bet they would love to make some suggestions for you for a unique Hamilton wedding. Good luck and please let us know where you end up.
              We also came from Toronto to Hamilton and really like it here.

              1. I have been to both beautiful weddings at the Ancaster Old Mill but also at a place probably a half hour from there called Vineland Estate Winery. Gorgeous. Inn on the Twenty is beautiful too. You'd probably have better luck venturing closer to Niagara.

                Inn on the Twenty
                3836 Main Street, Jordan, ON L0R 1S0, CA