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D.C. Chowhound in London over Thanksgiving

We'll be in London Thanksgiving week, and I'd love to hear favorites. Our only commitment is St. John for lunch. One splurge meal, and delicious-yet-less-splurgey meals otherwise. I've read through some of the threads and gotten names, but would love some current favorite gastropubs (Cadogan Arms?) and restaurants (East Asian, South Asian particularly). And is Borough Market worth a visit? I'm hoping it is, but would like to hear a few thoughts on this.


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  1. Borough Market is a MUST.

    1. Borough Market is terrific but go about 11 or so on a Friday if you can - much more easy to walk around. That said, a lot of tourists are here at Thanksgiving week, so it will probably be a mob scene. Many stalls are also open on Thursday, so that's another option.

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        I was there last year during Thanksgiving week, and it wasn't that bad, but going early never hurts.

      2. If by East Asian you mean to include Chinese, the first place to go is London's mini-Chinatown. south of Shaftesbury Avenue, so you can take in a show after dinner. I like the New Diamond at 23 Lisle Street - a menu that goes beyond routine Cantonese, everything I've had there has been tasty and well presented, and unlike some other Chinatown places, they've always provided good service.

        1. Try the Harwood Arms, Great Queen St or Anchor and Hope for a good gastropub (Cadogan Arms is ok but pricey). East Asian would include Vietnamese I guess? Head to Kingsland Road in Shoreditch or down to Chung Viet in Greenwich. Sedap on Old St is also excellent for Malaysian.

          1. If you're willing to put in a bit of travel time to see an extremely South Asian area and eat some amazing food then I'd ride the District Line out to Thattukada in East Ham. It's a very good Keralan restaurant.

            Shorter trips (on the same line) could take you to Gram Bangla, Needoo, Lahore Kebab, etc, but East Ham also has street stalls, Ananda Bhavan, Lahore Lahore Eh, Vasanta Bhavan and countless other South Asian places.

            Also if you eat a lot of Ethiopian in DC and you're curious as to what it's like abroad you could try Eritrean or Ethiopian food at a wide range of places here.

            1. Haohzan in Chinatown has very good Chinese and Malaysian dishes. Serrvice is good and it's one of the more upscale places in that area.

              1. Gordon Ramsay at Claridges has a fixed price lunch that's a bargain at 30 - 35 pounds per person and the food is spectacular. The room is amazing and the service is impeccable - it's a wonderful treat. If you wish to splurge on a dinner, this might also be your destination.

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                  Thanks to all for the great suggestions. Gordon Ramsay is, unfortunately, booked for lunch next week, likely due to the popularity of that lunch.

                  Two followups: Any bistro/trattoria favorites? Any must-visit Champagne bars?

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                    the bar at texture (also worth a look for your splurge/ a lunch menu) might tick your champagne box - the list is good but as it's a restaurant bar i'm not sure it'll be what you want. you should probably try an english sparkling wine - nyetimber is the best, i also like chapel down.

                    galvins la chapelle and les deux salons for bistro.

                    sardo is a nice sardinian place which always feels quite relaxed.

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                      Bistro favourites - Koffman's at The Berkeley and Bistrot Bruno Loubet.