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Help me find a wine for my wedding

I am looking for a Kosher wine for my wedding ceremony. I need it to be fairly available, since I don't have the time to search it out far and wide. I was recommended to try the Bartenura Moscato, which my fiance and I found to be just OK. I like the Nivoli Moscato (not Kosher unfortunately), so it is not the grape or the style, just the wine.

What else is good out there? One of my constant bits of advice for friends who are getting married is to never toast your own wedding with cheap wine. I have a bottle of Cristal for later on that evening, but it would be a shame to literally toast my own wedding, at my own wedding, with something that just is not very good.

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    1. Does it need to be bubbly?

      Take a look at this VERY recent thread on wines

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        I saw that, but it was a more general discussion and I needed something white and sweet for the actual ceremony.

      2. i read good things about the new Tabor 562 red and white Brut wines, which are dry and bubbly. i would like to try it myself. Its not champagne but its nice nevertheless. not sure if they're available in the states though. i haven't tried any kosher prosecco but you should check those out as well.

        1. I am not a wine drinker, but my one piece of practical advice is to use a white wine for the ceremony, in case of any possible spills. Red wine looks terrible on a white dress.

          1. Bartenura Moscato is about as good as Italian moscato gets- it's not a wine for conoisseurs, it's a wine for soda pop drinkers (but we wine drinkers like it and other Muscat variants too, we just know it's wine to swig). Does it need to be mevushal? If not, the Golan Moscato from Israel is really quite good in the same basic style. If it needs to be mevushal, both Rashi (also made by Royal) and Borgo Real are good options (I used the latter at my daughter's wedding this past summer, when she felt that nothing but "the blue bottle" would be drunk on the womans' side of the mechitza, so we had no dry reds on the woman's side, and still didn't have to resort to the triteness of that blue thing). as far as sparklers, there's always Bartenura Asti Spumanti, of course. But Hagafen makes a good sparkler, and several other good mevushal sparklers form Israel are available. And then there's Prosecco, a couple of Cavas as well. And nonmevushal, there's some real Champagne such as Laurent Perrier and Heidsieck Monopole and a few others.

            The first thing to do is to see whether your caterer, if its kosher, will even allow nonmevushal wine (or in our case, the wedding hall would not allow anything but mevushal._

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              Craig, have you tried Teal Lake's Moscato D'Aussie? It's 7% rather than Barenura's 6%, and therefore less sweet; most people I know who've tried it prefer it to Bartenura.

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                I've not tried it, Zev. It could well be preferred, but as far as quality, I was simply saying that Bartenura's is as good as the nonkosher Italian Moscatos. The fact is that Bartenura used to be only Moscato di Asti, but since the demand has grown, they source Muscat grapes from other areas as well, and have expanded the line to produce mostly non-Asti Moscato. Interesting that Royal is actively pursuing other alternatives such as the Teal Lake you discuss. Perhaps they have reached the maximum production in Italy (where the Rashi is also a Royal product). Wine being the very subjective thing that it is, it's nice that there is a choice.

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                  Perrier makes a kosher champagne but not all LP's are kosher.

              2. I don't get why you need a good wine. You'll only get two sips each, so who cares how good it is, so long as it's drinkable? You want white, in case of spills. And if you'll be using the same glass to smash, then you'll need a desgnated drinker to polish off the rest of the wine quickly, in which case you want something easy to drink. Moscato fits.

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                  I think the OP is talking about the reception as well.
                  Toasts usually don't happen under the Chuppah

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                    Nope, I was just looking for something under the Chuppah. We may not be "toasting" our wedding there, but it still seems like a pretty significant moment. Neither of us keep Kosher, so I am not worried about the reception. I have some very nice bottles for that.

                    I ended up trying the Teva Muscato last night, and I preferred it to the Bartenura by a fair bit. Still sweet but with what I thought were some nice notes of orange. I am going to grab a bottle. And we are using a separate Kiddish cup and a cup to break, so no worries about chugging it.

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                      Honestly.. it's not that important what you choose for under the Chuppah. You're both only going to have a sip of it anyway. A nice custom is that the kiddush cup is passed around to singles looking to find their match or women who want to start a family. Just make sure it's white though.. you don't want a red wine stain on your dress.

                      A tip for the glass that your husband will smash- wrap the glass in tape then in a cloth napkin. You don't want the glass to cut him. I've heard grooms getting stiches in their foot from the broken glass.

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                        Also, lead with your heel, rather than your toes or a flat foot.

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                          Actually, two sips each. Still, not enough to be worth caring about its quality, so long as it's not bad.

                          About passing the cup around to people wanting a blessing, that's the cup from benching, not from under the chupah. And it applies ANY time a cup of wine is used for benching; a sip of the leftover wine is believed to carry with it a blessing.

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                            At my wedding, and all other Sephardic weddings I've been to, the cup from under the Chuppah was passed around to people wanting a blessing. I made sure beforehand that certain people would get to sip from the cup.

                  2. Trader Joe's sells a less expensive kosher moscato called Sara Bee. (A Chowhound told me about it!!)

                    It won't elicit ooohs and ahhhs like the Bartenura because the bottle is not that pretty blue, but it's around 1/3 the price and not as sweet. I like the Bartenura because it tastes like soda pop but the Sarah Bee was very enjoyable. Best part is that my kids didn't like it, so you might have less of a problem with underage drinking.

                    (I just checked, it's mevushal.)

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                      Interested in the Sara Bee. My Trader Joe's in the Los Angeles area doesn't carry it. Which Trader Joe's did you get it at?

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                        La Jolla. $6/bottle. It's 5.5% alcohol. I like it but I am NOT a real wine drinker.

                        OC honey, I don't remember what sort of wine we had under the chuppah. You really only get a sip. And the suggestion about the red/white is good advice. Don't ask me how I know :(

                        I do remember that I had a friend who fancied himself a wine connasseur and was really embarrassed when he praised the champagne and I informed him that it was a screw-top Manischewitz. Believe me your kosher friends won't care.

                        Mazel tov!! The important thing is that you and the future Mr. OC Shooter will have a long and happy life together, or in the traditional words "may you be zoche (merit) to build a bayit ne-eman b'ysrael (a strong Jewish home.)"

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                          They can get it. If your TJs doesn't have it they can get it in a day or two. Its not as sweet as the blue bottle and well worth the money.

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                            Have you found a wine? It just ocurred to me that you might want to use a Processo - Italian sparkling wine - like champagne- called Banero. TJs has Banero for $7.99. There is no kosher wine like it for the price. Both the Sara Bee and the Banero are mevushal so they are kosher for all occasions and situations.

                      2. It seems you've already found a wine for the Chuppah, but...

                        As was already stated, the Golan Moscato is one of the best kosher moscatos around, but it's not mevushal. For something less sweet, try the Bartenura Pinot Grigio or any Dalton white wine.

                        1. I like the Bartenura Prosecco for festive events. I see "OC" in your name. If you are in Orange County, California, I have seen it on the shelf occasionally at OC Kosher and Wholesome Choice. You might also benefit from a wine tasting at the Herzog winery in Oxnard. They carry a lot of different labels distributed by the Royal Wine Corporation.

                          1. Thanks all. Yes, the OC is Orange County, CA. I got the first wine at OC Kosher Market, and didn't care for it, which is why I ma looking for other options. And there will be a Mrs. OC, as I am already the Mr.

                            I bought a separate glass to break, and it comes with a nice bad for stomping. I figured out that the heel is going to be the contact point. We are getting married on St. Thomas in the USVI next week. The Temple there dates back to the 1790s and is the oldest continuous congregation in the Western Hemisphere, going back to Spanish Colonial days. The wedding is going to be VERY small, so no passing the bottle around afterward. I have a feeling it will be the Mrs. and I finishing it off.

                            Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Now, if only the Perrier were Kosher for Passover...

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                              I believe all of the kosher Laurent Perriers are kosher l'Pesach. There are very few kosher wines made which are not good to go for Pesach, too.

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                                I just stopped by Trader Joes in Union Square and they do not carry the Sara Bee, unfortunately.

                            2. My absolute favorite kosher bubbly is Abarbanel Brut Cremant - and the label is pretty too. Not too sweet, and I like it much better than the Mostcatos out there.

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                                I thought they stopped making the Abarbanel? My fiance and I are looking for a good kosher champagne for our wedding and it turns out that Nicholas Feurillete & Pommery stopped making their kosher versions. We tried the Sacy, but found it a bit on the sweet side for our palette.

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                                  A great Champagne is the Laurent Perrier, as ganeden noted above. There is a Brut & a Brut Rose'.

                                  As far as sweet & bubbly, the Bartenura Moscato is a classic, universally liked by all those NOT seeking a sophisticated wine. I happen to like the Carmel Moscato though my wife prefers the Bartenura...