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Nov 17, 2010 03:37 PM

Christmas Eve dinner in Armonk/Mt Kisco/Chappaqua area?

I know it seems strange, but our family has a tradition of going out to dinner on christmas eve. Now that we are suburbanites we have no idea where to go. So, any suggestions for a kid-friendly (no kids menu necessary, but some places-- the white table cloth kind of places-- really don't want kids) restaurant in upper-Westchester near-ish to Chappaqua? Ideally we'd find one with tasty food and conveniently located so that we will spot Santa's sleigh on the way home. Thanks!

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  1. Crabtrees Kittle House. Just around the corner.

    1. The Kittle House is, as the first responder suggested, the best choice. We have been there right around Christmas (sometimes right before, sometimes right after depending on when the extended family arrives) and they always do a great job. Kids are fine and welcomed as long as they are well-behaved. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and in a perfect location for the holidays.

      A distant second, but still a fun place to go at the holidays, would be Travelers' Rest. The food is not comparable, but if your expectations are appropriately modest it can be fun and the decorations, while kitschy, are festive. If you just arrive expecting run of the mill food but a good time and professional service in a fun spot, you will have a good time.

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      1. Also in addition to Kittle House , I highly recommend Travelers Rest is extremely festive and very kid friendly. I love going there this time of year. Its about 5-10 minutes from Chappaqua. I think the technical address is Ossining but it is very close borders chappaqua-mt.kisco-somers...funky lines over there.

        Travelers Rest
        RR 100, Ossining, NY 10562

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          Same here, apples. I love Traveler's Rest at Christmastime. Loved it so much, I booked my wedding rehearsal dinner there. :o) Always a good meal there too.

        2. Unfortunately Traveler's Rest is closed on Christmas Eve and Kittle House has no reservation before 9pm. We are definitely willing to go as far as Ossining, though. Anyone have other suggestions? Thanks!

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            If you're willing to go further into Northern Westchester (still in the 914), try calling John-Michael's at Purdy's Homestead. A poster commented on his/her wonderful meal there for Thanksgiving.


          2. We usually get Chinese food for Christmas day dinner after our Christmas party, so that would probably be a good option for Christmas eve dinner too. I'm thinking of Aberdeen in WP, which is further than you wanted, but definitely kid friendly, and festive and fun. Maybe other posters can think of similar places nearer to you, but this might be worth a trip if you're hankering for Chinese food.