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Nov 17, 2010 03:20 PM

Great food in unlikely places

I just had a great plate of carne guisada at a Shell station near the Lowe's in Kyle. Does anyone have any food tips at unlikely locales, such as gas stations, bowling alleys, convenience stores and the like?

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  1. I know where the lowes in Kyle is but I don't think there is a shell gasoline nearby.... are you talking about los vega on the service road a mile south of lowes?

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      It's on Bebee Road, about half a mile from Lowe's

    2. Haven't seen it mentioned on this board before, but on Pond Springs, in a little convenience store \ gas station, i think is called Spring Food Market they have a pretty good little taqueria going. They have the typical stuff, carnitas, barbacoa, gorditas, lengua. All better than average. They have that creamy hot green sauce. They even have grilled serranos to put on your taco on occasion.

      1. This is an odd little find, but the chocolate sheet cake that they have at Randall''s so good. I think about it all the time.