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In n' Out Burgers - Why? [moved from L.A. board]

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I finally had an In 'n Out burger by LAX and I don't get it. While it tasted ok, it was ice cold! The cheese was not melted and the ice cold lettuce and tomato really chilled the patty. The french fries were truly limp . . Why does everyone think these are so great? ? ? It must be me, but where's Fatburger when you need em'!

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  1. Maybe it's just the hype that precedes them that causes some people to believe they're amazing. I think they're good, especially for the price they're at, but I don't think they're the best burgers out there, or even in the OC/LA area. Of course, like any chain, I've had better burgers at some locations and worse at others.. Sounds like you got one of the lower quality In N Out burgers.

    I do, however, really enjoy their fries! I don't know why, but limp or crisp, they really do it for me. (: I know a lot of people who hate them though..

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    1. re: grace
      Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe

      1) Order the fries crisp and eat them FIRST

      2) Always get a chocolate shake to exercise your cheeks via straw sucking.

      3) I've never had a cold urge burger. Maybe skip all that extraneous rabbit food next time and stick with protein and condiments.

      4) Have a few cocktails or other intoxicants before eating the burger, or go after a long day at the beach. Remember that the best spice is ravenous hunger.

      Link: http://www.clospepe.com

      1. re: Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe

        Thanks guys - I will definitely try them again and use your good suggestions! Guess any restaurant can have an off-day . . .

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          I used to love I&O burgers. Then about 10 years ago the quality just started to slip. My enthusiasm waned and I slowly stopped going to I&O.

          One of my co-workers was chowing down on one the other day, it smelled great and looked delicious. I thought, let me revisit I&O, maybe things have changed for the better. It could happen. One can hope.

          What a mush-meat-half-cold-half-lukewarm disappointment. As far as I'm concerned they started slipping 10 years ago, and now they’re in perpetual free fall.

          1. re: natalie

            I doubt it. I'm sure they would love to know that a given location is slipping. How about telling them -- in person, or by calling the toll free "how did we do?" numbers that are posted EVERYWHERE in an In and Out location?

            1. re: natalie

              Agreed. Back 15 years ago when Fat Burger was in its heyday and I&O's were not common here in town, I started running across I&O out on the hiways; coming home from mammoth, vegas etc. I really liked em at first; the all american scrubbed service, the general quality of the food. I dunno, maybe I've grown up or something but the ones I've been to here in town, including the one I've been to many times on Venice near Culver City have just not measured up. I hate the fries and the burgers just don't seem to be as good. I generally find them to be bland except for the part about being too salty. Just like Tito's, it's not that it's so horrible but it ain't worth waiting for and the one near me will never qualify as fast food. 15 minutes to a half hour is more the norm.

          2. re: Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe
            Margaret ChoW

            I *LOVE* a Double-Double with Sriracha (rooster sauce) on it! Delicious! Try it!

            Margaret ChoW

            1. re: Margaret ChoW

              i love Sriracha too and i put it on everything! this is something new that i'll have to try.

          3. re: grace

            The best time to eat a good In'n Out burger is right when you get them. Don't wait to take it home unless the burger is still warm or you live close by. I usually get them, drive to get a parking space and dig in. I've never had a cold burger with unmelted cheese. Oh yeah... I start with appetizer first... the bulky lettuce and then the burger.

            If you're in New York and you crave the In'N Out syle... go to Blue 9 Burger. Almost the same concept but their fries are too oily... but do try their mango chili sauce - I thought they were great.

            My opinion on Fatburger: Burger's too thick, takes the cook an extra long time to cook, comes out burnt and crispy and sometimes falls apart when eating.

            MmmmMMmm... I think I'm gonna get me a 3x3 animal style!

            1. re: TheMonster

              animal style is the *only* way to go! yeah!!

          4. I wish I could tell you what happened to your burger. That is certainly not the way it should have arrived to your hand/mouth.

            I have had many I&O burgers and they have always been freshly prepared, piping hot with nicely melted cheese and juicy meat (I get mine med. rare).

            I would say that they goofed up and you should give them another chance (and the fact that you are not risking the family fortune to do so should take some of the sting out of risking it again).

            1. You must have just had an unlucky day, I have never had a cold one, and yes you must order the fries crispy, it is a good burger for the money. Fatburger is also good till you look at the price, 60 cents for a nickle slice of cheese, get a double and the cheese alone is $1.20 and 90 cents for a tiny dollap of chilli - give me a break!

              1. Even it was piping hot, I still dont get the hype of I&O. Burgers are ok and the fries are terrible.

                1. You might want to re-post on General Topics, where chains are discussed.

                  That said, I'm sorry for your disaster. I, too, order medium-rare, animal-style, grilled and raw, mustard instead of spread, and have never been disappointed if they don't goof. The fries, even if well-done, are sorely in need of salt. And if you call their customer service number on the bag and complain they'll send you coupons good for free burgers, drinks and fries. Are they "great" burgers? Well, consider the alternatives for fast-food burgers. McDonalds, BK, Wendy's, Carls, Jack and the rest are, IMHO, inferior to I&O. Fatburger makes a good burger but, at least at the place in Woodland Hills, refuses to cook them medium-rare. And the price is not justified by a well-done patty. Give me Boulevard Burger across Ventura from Fatburger any day (they'll cook 'em rare if you want).

                  1. I don't think it's the best burger in LA/OC, but along with fatburger, I definitely think it's the best FAST FOOD burger in LA/OC by a long shot. Everything's fresh and made to order and I can taste that in the burger. I've never had a cold burger there in my life, so it sounds like you may have had some back luck.

                    1. Hmmm... why In N Out? Why indeed.

                      Do you remember that spaghetti carbonara your mom made in that horrible nuclear electric skillet? It was crispy, over salted, made with bacon and almost broke your teeth at every bite. It was strangely good and you begged her to make it time and time again, saving you from tuna surprise cassarole.

                      That is what In N Out is for me; home.

                      I grew up near the orig In N Out and was a frequent visitor to all of their first five stores. I could ride my bike there after throwing a newspaper all morning and get a double-double animal style, order of fries and a mixed shake. All while enjoying the freedom of a 10yo on a bike, with a couple of bucks in his pocket, two miles away from home on a hot summer's morning. It was heaven.

                      While their burgers aren't Father's Office, they are really good for fast food fare, in my eyes (again, all things relative). At this age I rarely eat them but when I do I never vary the order. It is the same now as it was oh-so many years ago. A burger stacked with secret sauce, wonderfully bitter pickles, crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes and that wickedly melted cheese. That coupled with fries that actually taste like potatoes and are well salted with a shake that would give you brain freeze if you could ever get that sweet concoction out of the straw easily equates to heaven for me.

                      While I discovered many years later what my mom's carbonara really was (emphasis on carbon), I still look at it fondly as my favorite childhood homemade meal. In N Out is the same for me. Is it the perfect burger? No. Is it a darned fine fast food burger, arguably the best? Yep.

                      Hmm... I wonder what is for lunch today?

                      1. I've been going to In N Out for years. Never got a cold burger and my cheese has always been melty. Lettuce and tomato are usually cold, but the burger stays warm all the way home if need be.

                        1. Give In-n-Out another try. If anything goes wrong just tell them and they will make you happy. If there is a second name (nick-name) for In-n-Out Burger it is “Quality Control, USA .” In-n-Out has always placed employee training and compensation as a top priority along with freshness (“Never Frozen”). At one time all new employees were trained at “In-n-Out University” in Baldwin Park. Only after completing a rigorous classroom study were new employees allowed to work serving the public at the University store which was open only during the lunch hour rush. Only after graduation from the whole program would they be assigned to a particular location. Continuing the In-n-Out quest for quality control new employees are now trained on location by store managers who have each been trained in proper teaching skills. I once worked with a man who had a special coin that when presented at the window after our order was filled he would be given a quality control checklist. Time spent in line, friendliness of service, quality of food – all and more were part of the checklist. He was like an undercover quality control cop that never had to pay for the food he ordered from any random location. Finally, if there is any problem of any kind all that you need to do is say so and In-n-Out will fix it without question.

                          As for the quality of the meat. Try ordering a meat and cheese plain (no sauce) and chill it overnight. The next day it is just as good cold as is was when it was hot. The only other restaurant burger meat that is that good cost about ten times as much as In-n-Out and you will need to get out of you car and wait a while to enjoy Morton’s Prime Sirloin Burger.

                          In-n-Out (get a triple-triple)

                          Morton’s, The Steakhouse

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                          1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

                            In N Out U isn't there anymore? Oh man, we'd eat there for lunch during high school!

                            1. re: oc climber

                              The In-n-Out University is being rebuilt but for what I do not know. A new flagship store is open next to it on Fransisquito in Balwin Park on the south side of the 10 fry. The original first In-n-Out on Fransisquito on the North side of the 10 fry is also closed down and fenced in – VERY BAD!. No Sense of Community!

                              I always liked the story of how the man with the meat packing company on Fransisquito noticed all the traffic going by the front of his building and dreamed of opening a small side-business out front to sell a few of his extra ground meat patties. In-n-Out became a true American success story of ,“The tail Wagging the Dog.” I hope the corporation mind never thinks of cutting off the tail and tearing down the building. That would be like Disney firing the mouse – Not respectful. Disney will never do that because they have a slogan that, “Never forget that this all began with a little Mouse.” Shame on In-n-Out for allowing that old man’s first dream to look as if it failed. I agree, it is not enough to just make money on the other side of the freeway selling the same quality burger. In-n-Out needs to do more than just copy Disney style name tags for their employees. In-n-Out must show respect to the founder and the Community and re-open the original #1 and make it a destination restaurant the same as Historic Speedee McDonald's in Downey.

                              I really do not eat at the new Baldwin Park store because driving past the fenced-in #1 makes me angry and ruins my meal.

                              In-n-Out (get a triple-triple)

                              Historic Speedee McDonald's
                              10207 Lakewood Blvd. (at Florence Ave.)
                              Downey, CA 90240
                              (562) 622-9248

                            2. re: Like-Go-Eat?

                              Yup, real quality beef--Is that why theirs was recalled in the downer cow incident in February?

                              1. re: NVJims

                                And why In N Out terminated their contract with the company immediately and before any official actions on anyone else's part.

                            3. Never had the experience of getting a cold burger, but I feel you. Food gets so hyped sometimes that you can't help being disapointed. You taste an In-n-0ut Burger for the first time, and your friend is standing next to you going "Well, what do you think?," and all you can say is "tastes like a hamburger."

                              I agree that Fatburger is infinitely better, but it's not really a fair comparison, since you can buy, like, 6 In-n-Outs for the price of one Fatburger. For a cheap, fast food burger chain, I think In-n-Out is about the best.

                              1. When I first tried In N Out Burgers, I had a similar type of response to their burgers and fries and wasn't sure what the hype was all about.

                                But as I became more of a Chowhound and started comparing their food to those of other chain restaurants, I started to see the consistency and good taste of their food, while chains were good or bad, depending on whether you caught them on their good or bad days.

                                It sounds like you caught In N Out on one of their rare bad days. Usually, I wait quite awhile to get my food when it's crowded, but the cooks spend that time to make sure that my food is properly prepared. If the cheese is not melted, they didn't spend enough time cooking the burger, which doesn't happen often.

                                The fries are usually somewhat limp, but you can order them crispy if you want.

                                Price-wise, In N Out is cheaper than any of the major chains. When their food consistently tastes better than the chains, it's easy to see why they're so popular.

                                1. Like the others have said, I have been going to I&O at least once or twice a month for years and have never had a cold burger. They cook them to order and serve them fresh off the grill, how could it be cold?

                                  Agree the fries are on the limp side but I still like them. I tried ordering them well done once, they were inedible.

                                  1. Chain-wise I think In-N-Out is miles above any of the others. It is not just the food, but the service and consistency among locations (although you must have hit on a bad day at the one you went to; I've never encountered anything like that and I've been to many locations). You can depend on the food being hot, fresh, the service being good and the premises clean. I am fed up with the horrible, apathetic service I get at most chains, as well as food that's been sitting under a lamp for too long. When I go to In-N-Out, I don't have to worry about any of this stuff - I know what to expect and it is always good. Sorry you had such an unfortunate experience but I really think this is the very rare exception to the rule. In-N-Out is managed much much better than any other fast food chain.

                                    1. first, the fries. they're limp because they're FRESH. the classic french fry that everyone loves is the belgian style, which is fried twice, once at low heat and once at high heat (to cook and then to finish). the reason mcdonald's, burger king, and even a top-notch restaurant will have such perfect fries is that they use frozen potatoes that have already been fried earlier and are just re-finished in the kitchen (a chef friend of mine who works at a high end restaurant in LA confirmed that previously frozen/re-fried fries just taste better, and they don't have time to do it belgian style themselves). In-N-Out, on the other hand, literally slices their potatoes and throws them directly into the deep fryer. That's why they're limp. And that's why even if you order them extra crispy, they don't come out with that "perfect" texture you've come to expect from a good french fry.

                                      second, i've also never had an in-n-out burger that was cold with unmelted cheese. in fact, part of the beauty of in-n-out is that i can't tell where the spread ends, and the cheese and my double grilled onions begin. one incredibly tasty gooey mess. that said, keep in mind that in-n-out is truly the best FAST FOOD burger in the world. it ain't trying to compete with the prime trimmings beauty you can get at Morton's.

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                                      1. re: Bert

                                        Regardless if they are fresh, the fries are still AWFUL!! Even fried extra crispy, they are bad and when done this way are edible for only about 60 seconds after you recieve them.

                                        Don't get me wrong, I LOVE In and Out, but my order consists of a Double Double and a Vanilla Milk Shake ONLY

                                        As for place that does fresh RIGHT, head to Scoobys, they slice that HUGE russet 10 feet away from you and fry that sucker up PERFECT!! Sprinkled with seasoning salt and then served with a fresh Aioli, it's fast food fry HEAVEN....


                                        1. re: Dommy!

                                          Okay, Dommy, I'm gonna gross you out here: the reason I love those floppy fries is that they're exactly the right consistency to STUFF INTO THE BURGER. Can't really do that with crunchy ones.

                                          I could go on about how no fries is bad fries, really, but we just started this South Beach diet thing and I'd probably start crying or something...

                                          1. re: Dommy!

                                            I've never thought of In 'n Out fries as droopy. I find them OK, but way too small (skinny & shirt) for my taste. I've been told that they're that way because they cut them right there on a machine and most of the potatoes are smaller than would make large fries. It also makes sense that smaller fries would cook faster than larger ones (helping speed up the prep time)..... and also that fresh fries might not hold as much moisture as frozen ones.... both size and low moisture content causing them to cool rather quickly.

                                            Regardless.......... In 'n Out is a terrific value for a consistantly acceptable product.

                                        2. Why? Because In-n-out treats their staff and customers with respect. That's it. It's not about the food AT ALL.

                                          For good burgers and crunchy outside/fluffy inside fries (order fat fries well done), Go back to Fatburger.

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                                          1. re: RoachCoach

                                            I agree that In n Out treats their customers well, but Fatburger's fries are mealy. I don't like them at all. And they will no longer cook less than medium-well. When they started that, I never went again (used to live on them at UCLA.)

                                            Virtually any neighborhood burger joint is better than Fatburger now.

                                            As for the OP's comment that her In N Out's burger was cold, I guess it's possible but it seems unlikely since everything really is made fresh. And if the original poster had made so much as a peep of complaint (as I once did at the LAX location), she would have gotten 1) a fusillade of apologies, 2) her full meal remade immediately, for free, and 3) a coupon for another free meal (good at any In & Out location.)

                                            They INSISTED that they do all that for me, to my embarrassment. They sure earned my loyalty, though! In what universe would another fast food place do that?

                                            1. re: Paul

                                              Yeah you complain at McDonald's and all you get are a bunch of excuses. That sure doesn't promote loyalty!

                                              As for Fatburger, I have to say I don't see what the fuss is all about. They make a decent burger but it tastes like something I fry myself and I don't think I am a very good cook. They are better than the bigger chains, though, except I prefer In-N-Out.

                                              1. re: monkuboy

                                                I admit Fatburger is not the answer. So where is the answer? There has to be an amazing burger made with love out there that's not $13.

                                            2. re: RoachCoach

                                              You would think that would be so obvious - that bad service can leave a much worse taste in your mouth than bad food, but that common sense observation seems totally lost on pretty much every McDonald's I've been to. And it's pretty much what you can expect at every other fast-food chain EXCEPT In-N-Out. They take care of their food and take care of their employees, and in turn the customer is treated well. Such a simple lesson - is it that hard to do??? No wonder you never see an empty In-N-Out place.

                                            3. cOILD,,THEN U GOT IT LATE OR TOOK IT HOME,,,a double double protein style, animal style is the bomb,,fresh and hot off the grill

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                                              1. I like In-n-Out, but I find that they aren't uniformly good. Sometimes the burgers come out too salty. I'm definitely disappointed sometimes.

                                                1. Spend a few weeks in Minneapolis, or a year like us, and you'll crawl through broken glass to find an In-N-Out. The idea of a good burger here is a bun, a atty, and cheese. That's it. Even McDonalds is a viable choice compared to what's generally available in the Twin Cities. Of course, FatBurger would be Nirvana.

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                                                  1. re: oldusedcop

                                                    Never, ever, did I think I would see Fatburger and Nirvana in the same sentence!!!

                                                    1. re: carter

                                                      LOL. I s'pose some people *do* find eating a great burger to be a quasi-religious experience!

                                                      1. re: carter

                                                        There was a time when Fatburger really was nirvana. Not so much now but there was a time...

                                                        1. re: choctastic

                                                          Oh man, so true. It's almost shocking how badly they've slid.

                                                    2. I didn't like Tito's or In n out the first time I tried them. The key is getting it done the way you like it or finding the right menu item. I also think sometimes we talk something up so much that people's expectations are off the chain. For years I kept hearing about Tito's Tacos, Tito's Tacos. I had one and it was just ok. Wasn't impressed. Had some years later at a party and thought it was simply delicious! I have had a lukewarm i&o burger and it wasn't good at all. Try them again, might be better since u expect it to suck this time. lol.

                                                      1. Completely agree.

                                                        1. This has been a most illuminating thread.

                                                          1. could never figure out what people saw in them myself.
                                                            obviously, you and i are in the minority.

                                                            1. As someone else already said, eat the fries ASAP. Eat them in the parking lot if you are takin the rest home. They just don't hold up well.

                                                              Order the burger w/ grilled onions!! They are a must! If you are a true onion-head, order the burger with grilled AND raw onions.

                                                              One last tip,,, go half chocolate - half strawberry on the shake. :)

                                                              Cold burger & un-melted cheese? That doesn't make any sense. Try again! You definitely got a newbie cook, or one having a really bad day.

                                                              1. Me: new to California, Aug. 2005

                                                                Have eaten at two In-n-Outs...
                                                                and I was very, very disappointed.

                                                                Despite ordering a double-double, I thought the sandwich was consumed by bread (starchy, tasteless, cold bread) and a gigantic, bland lettuce leaf.

                                                                I craved a hamburger, but I felt I was eating a bread and lettuce sandwich. Am surprised no one else has mentioned this yet.

                                                                1. This thread is awesome because In-N-Out is near and dear to me. Some of the things about it that haven't been discussed as thoroughly:

                                                                  1) FRIES - they grow on you as you realize that they're fresh, don't have all these preservatives destroying them and you as you eat them, and actually taste like potatoes!

                                                                  FRIES TIP: If you wanna go crazy, order your fries animal-style. Oh man ...

                                                                  2) SPREAD - their "special sauce" does taste great, but if you find it overwhelming and it makes the burger too soggy, just get it without the sauce and you'll save yourself a lotta calories, too

                                                                  3) OFF-MENU items - besides the stuff already mentioned in this thread, consider the Neapolitan shake (all 3 flavors), the Grilled Cheese, and the already mentioned fries animal-style

                                                                  1. c
                                                                    Captain Roberts

                                                                    After reading this thread on an empty stomach I HAD to go get a burger... double double, medium rare, animal style and I gotta say it's the best one i've had yet. Ate it straight off the grill in 5 minutes while driving home and I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine ever having to eat a less than fantastic I&O burger, I am truely sorry.
                                                                    I usually schedule my flights out of LAX so that In&Out will be open as I drive by and I can get my fix before leaving the state!

                                                                    Link: http://www.classbrain.com/artteenah/p...

                                                                    1. Don't ask me; I only go when it's to appease somebody else and "make nice". They are better than McDonalds and Wendys, that's about it. Those greasy buns are the worst!

                                                                      1. Yeah, I didn't get it. My friend was raving about how they had them in Cali, so decided to try it on a visit to Vegas. After a $15 cab ride to get there, we ordered up, and damn, I had flashbacks of Dairy Queen burgers. Yeah, nothing special and I have to agree with JB - they need to work on their bun to meat ratio.

                                                                        1. What's the deal with Morton's burgers? I've never seen a burger on Morton's menu.

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                                                                          1. The I&Os by LAX suck. They suck hard. I have no idea why, but there you go. Poorly managed, I suppose. At best, they're incredibly slow. At worst, they undercook the fries and screw up the burgers.

                                                                            1. I'd like to ask something I've wondered about for a long time.

                                                                              Which In-N-Out locations in the LA/OC area do you feel are the best and worst of the bunch? I've been to a fair number throughout the region but usually chalked up mediocre experiences to a particular branch having an off-day rather than being subpar in general. But it seems like some of you think that certain branches are notoriously bad (such as the ones near LAX) and some are more consistently good.

                                                                              So, which ones in the LA/So Cal area should I target and which should I avoid at all costs?

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                                                                              1. re: pbergen

                                                                                In my experience, the two that I think are the best are Pasadena (Foothill Blvd) and Woodland Hills (Ventura Blvd). Those are two of the old style no-sit-down-barely-a-parking-spot In-N-Out locations, and their managers seem to staff them well.

                                                                              2. Up until 5 years ago I abstained from eating red meat. My husband begged me to try an I&O after the first one opened in our area (he was raised on them as a kid). OH MY GOD! I actually crave In & Out once a week.

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                                                                                1. re: EAH

                                                                                  I just visited San Diego a week ago and I went to IN N OUT BURGER. I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of the food. I really enjoyed the double cheese burger animal style, it was really tasty and fresh. I also ordered fries well done and they were great too. The milkshake was a bit too thick for my liking however. I already miss this joint, too bad there are none in Ontario, Canada. I must add that for the price, nothing I know beats it!!

                                                                                2. I was lucky as a kid to live in a neighborhood that had a In N Out (it was actually a couple blocks from my school) so I used to eat there quite often. when I moved there still weren't a lot of In N Out locations so you kind of had to work a little to get it (made it taste a little better). When they started opening more and more locations I was worried that the quality might suffer but it hasn't (at least I don't think so). I used to cook up a few slices of thick bacon drive to In N Out get a couple of cheese burgers get home as quick as possible and have bacon burgers or since they have the little yellow peppers like Tommy's I would get those take them home and throw a little chilli on them. damn I'm getting hungry.

                                                                                  1. The question I also have about In & Out is also "why"? Why do people think they taste good, because for 50 years I have asked that question as well.

                                                                                    First of all I do beleive they are a qualitiy company, with many positive things to say about their price, value, service and even their consitency. But it is with this said that I have also been disapointed in their flavor; and isn't that what it's all about? And I have really tried to find the "good" in their burgers for decades, but to no reward. I've ordered them with mustard (their spread really isn't even as good as the Bic Mac's secret sauce, and I hate McDonalds); I've ordered the cooked well done in hopes of having more carmelized fat taste like a Fatbuger; I've ordered them with grilled onions and pickles; easy on the lettuce, and even without tomato or with chopped raw onions. But never are they any good; I can't understand why. Maybe the grill is too clean or the condiments too cold, but they really are not good burgers. And don't even get me started on their soggy flavorless french fries... really awful. But to prove my point try this little test if you ever have the time. In Pasadena there is an old burger joint called 'Pie & Burger' which has pretty much the same burger as an In & Out burger; meat cooked on a griddle, thick leaf lettuce, cheese, tomato, white onion and homemade thousand island spread. But the difference it they taste really good. Basically the same burger with way more taste.

                                                                                    Yep, too me it remains a mystery why a great company like In & Out makes such a bland tasting burger. However; I would still put them above any of the national franchise chains for certain like Carl's or Wendy's. I just wouldn't take one over a Tommy's Burger; Rick's of Pasadena; The Hat; Astro Burger; Lucky Boys; Tops; Carney's or any number of independents or small family owned chains here is SoCal.


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                                                                                    1. re: Baconheart

                                                                                      I think it has been said many many times on this thread. It is because In & Out is by far the best _chain_ burger, and by far not the worst burger of any restaurant type. They are more than willing to accommodate specific requests, the meat is decent, the shakes are good... and you can find them throughout CA. I don't think it is as good now as it was when there were only a few restaurants, but they are still pretty damn amazing for a chain, and very few fast food places can compete with a double double at midnight on a Saturday...

                                                                                    2. I found out that I really only prefer one patty after ordering double doubles for years.

                                                                                      I get cheeseburger protein style w/grilled onions and
                                                                                      Fries extra well done animal style.

                                                                                      I am never disappointed.