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Oct 28, 2005 07:26 AM

In n' Out Burgers - Why? [moved from L.A. board]

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I finally had an In 'n Out burger by LAX and I don't get it. While it tasted ok, it was ice cold! The cheese was not melted and the ice cold lettuce and tomato really chilled the patty. The french fries were truly limp . . Why does everyone think these are so great? ? ? It must be me, but where's Fatburger when you need em'!

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  1. Maybe it's just the hype that precedes them that causes some people to believe they're amazing. I think they're good, especially for the price they're at, but I don't think they're the best burgers out there, or even in the OC/LA area. Of course, like any chain, I've had better burgers at some locations and worse at others.. Sounds like you got one of the lower quality In N Out burgers.

    I do, however, really enjoy their fries! I don't know why, but limp or crisp, they really do it for me. (: I know a lot of people who hate them though..

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    1. re: grace
      Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe

      1) Order the fries crisp and eat them FIRST

      2) Always get a chocolate shake to exercise your cheeks via straw sucking.

      3) I've never had a cold urge burger. Maybe skip all that extraneous rabbit food next time and stick with protein and condiments.

      4) Have a few cocktails or other intoxicants before eating the burger, or go after a long day at the beach. Remember that the best spice is ravenous hunger.


      1. re: Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe

        Thanks guys - I will definitely try them again and use your good suggestions! Guess any restaurant can have an off-day . . .

        1. re: claree

          I used to love I&O burgers. Then about 10 years ago the quality just started to slip. My enthusiasm waned and I slowly stopped going to I&O.

          One of my co-workers was chowing down on one the other day, it smelled great and looked delicious. I thought, let me revisit I&O, maybe things have changed for the better. It could happen. One can hope.

          What a mush-meat-half-cold-half-lukewarm disappointment. As far as I'm concerned they started slipping 10 years ago, and now they’re in perpetual free fall.

          1. re: natalie

            I doubt it. I'm sure they would love to know that a given location is slipping. How about telling them -- in person, or by calling the toll free "how did we do?" numbers that are posted EVERYWHERE in an In and Out location?

            1. re: natalie

              Agreed. Back 15 years ago when Fat Burger was in its heyday and I&O's were not common here in town, I started running across I&O out on the hiways; coming home from mammoth, vegas etc. I really liked em at first; the all american scrubbed service, the general quality of the food. I dunno, maybe I've grown up or something but the ones I've been to here in town, including the one I've been to many times on Venice near Culver City have just not measured up. I hate the fries and the burgers just don't seem to be as good. I generally find them to be bland except for the part about being too salty. Just like Tito's, it's not that it's so horrible but it ain't worth waiting for and the one near me will never qualify as fast food. 15 minutes to a half hour is more the norm.

          2. re: Wes Hagen, Clos Pepe
            Margaret ChoW

            I *LOVE* a Double-Double with Sriracha (rooster sauce) on it! Delicious! Try it!

            Margaret ChoW

            1. re: Margaret ChoW

              i love Sriracha too and i put it on everything! this is something new that i'll have to try.

          3. re: grace

            The best time to eat a good In'n Out burger is right when you get them. Don't wait to take it home unless the burger is still warm or you live close by. I usually get them, drive to get a parking space and dig in. I've never had a cold burger with unmelted cheese. Oh yeah... I start with appetizer first... the bulky lettuce and then the burger.

            If you're in New York and you crave the In'N Out syle... go to Blue 9 Burger. Almost the same concept but their fries are too oily... but do try their mango chili sauce - I thought they were great.

            My opinion on Fatburger: Burger's too thick, takes the cook an extra long time to cook, comes out burnt and crispy and sometimes falls apart when eating.

            MmmmMMmm... I think I'm gonna get me a 3x3 animal style!

            1. re: TheMonster

              animal style is the *only* way to go! yeah!!

          4. I wish I could tell you what happened to your burger. That is certainly not the way it should have arrived to your hand/mouth.

            I have had many I&O burgers and they have always been freshly prepared, piping hot with nicely melted cheese and juicy meat (I get mine med. rare).

            I would say that they goofed up and you should give them another chance (and the fact that you are not risking the family fortune to do so should take some of the sting out of risking it again).

            1. You must have just had an unlucky day, I have never had a cold one, and yes you must order the fries crispy, it is a good burger for the money. Fatburger is also good till you look at the price, 60 cents for a nickle slice of cheese, get a double and the cheese alone is $1.20 and 90 cents for a tiny dollap of chilli - give me a break!

              1. Even it was piping hot, I still dont get the hype of I&O. Burgers are ok and the fries are terrible.

                1. You might want to re-post on General Topics, where chains are discussed.

                  That said, I'm sorry for your disaster. I, too, order medium-rare, animal-style, grilled and raw, mustard instead of spread, and have never been disappointed if they don't goof. The fries, even if well-done, are sorely in need of salt. And if you call their customer service number on the bag and complain they'll send you coupons good for free burgers, drinks and fries. Are they "great" burgers? Well, consider the alternatives for fast-food burgers. McDonalds, BK, Wendy's, Carls, Jack and the rest are, IMHO, inferior to I&O. Fatburger makes a good burger but, at least at the place in Woodland Hills, refuses to cook them medium-rare. And the price is not justified by a well-done patty. Give me Boulevard Burger across Ventura from Fatburger any day (they'll cook 'em rare if you want).