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Nov 17, 2010 01:12 PM

Mince Pie: Doesn't anyone eat Mince Pie at Thanksgiving anymore.....I FINALLY found a place that sells mince pies

I started to run into my mince pie "troubles" about a year ago.....hard to find from my local purveyors of thanksgiving goodies.....sure they have a full list of the other holiday pies.....but try and find MINCE!

anyway - for those of you interested,,,,,I ran down my mince pie this year and found its available at Bishops Orchards in Guilford, Ct....

frozen. but prepared by them and ready to cook off.....

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  1. At our house it's a Chrismas tradition. DW makes great pies, and her mincemeat is excellent, with nuts and diced apples in it. Not quite so strongly spiced that way. She does use the jarred mincemeat which is, by now I believe, around $12 a jar.

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    1. re: junescook

      Yikes $12/jar??!!
      the 10 inch pie made at Biishops Orchards was only $11

      1. re: few

        That's what I always say: Yikes! But it's trafitional.

        Heck, Mrs. Smith's pies are on sale at Stop&Shop thie week for $1.99 and not half bad, at least good enough for breakfast.

    2. Mrs. Mack's bakery in Millbury, MA sells mince bars for $1.50.

      1. Thanks CH's! I did see ONE frozen mince pie at Stop and Shop today.....sad, lonely...hiding amongst the pedestrian pumpkin, apple, coconut custard, apple..........

        Thank the lower food gods that Bishops Orchards had some real mince pies!

        1. The Big Apple on Arnold Street in Wrentham, MA also carries mincemeat pies. They always have them frozen and ready to bake at home, but often will have them already baked and ready to go, but you have to get to them quickly as their baked pies sell out quickly. All their pies are excellent and worth the $12.95 price.

          1. For next year if it becomes necessary ..... McConney's in Derby does mince pies; but you have to order, and they're done taking orders for 2010. (But their pies are wonderful.)