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Nov 17, 2010 12:38 PM

Noodletown's Entire Staff Retires ??!!

We've been eating at Noodletown for the past 30+ years. Went for lunch today and did not recognize a single face - not a waiter, cook, or even the cashier. The young, new cashier said that it had not changed owners - but all of the staff retired. Retired ??? Does anyone know what's up - can't believe that all of the staff, young and old alike all retired at the same time.

Good news - the food is still great.

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  1. Haven't been there lately but I do hope those grouchy cashiers are gone. They were the meanest meanies!

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    1. re: lochan

      Funny GNYN's cashiers have always been very charming with me

    2. I eat lunch there once or twice a week. I have not noticed any changes in the wait stuff lately. Am I being absent-minded? :-)

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      1. re: diprey11

        Many years ago on the UWS, I was eating at an excellent Szechuan restuarant and
        in came the guys with badges, and out went all the staff...Maybe something like that?

      2. Could this explain it?

        Haven't been in a while, but I do hope the food hasn't gone downhill.

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        1. re: manilov

          Thank you manilov - it seems like the most likely explanation. The food tasted the same - the portions did seem a little smaller, with less duck in the duck chow fun.

          Knew we could count on Chowhounders !!!

        2. WTF???

          I eat there every month or so, including tonight. The restaurant is the same. The menu is the same. The food is the same. The wait staff are the same (though I haven't seen the older cashier recently).

          The only thing really different is the DOH "A" certificate hung in the window.