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Nov 17, 2010 12:22 PM

The Place -- no one has any thoughts on it?

I see reviews on Yelp -- but can't seem to find any Chowhounders' impressions. Is it that far under the radar? That horrible or touristy? Or is it so sublime that you're keeping the secret to yourselves?... We're looking for a cozy, yummy, low-key place. If it's a neighborhood gem, so much the better.

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  1. I went once, many years ago, so this may not be very useful, but since no one has responded I thought I might as well. Nothing was awful but I didn't find it the least bit interesting. In the same neighborhood and price range I would recommend Bistro de la Gare.

    Bistro de la Gare
    626 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

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      Thanks for the reply rrems. I guess our experience was similar to yours -- perhaps a bit better. The wait staff was lovely and attentive. The atmosphere -- cozy with the dim lights and fireplaces. The food was fine. The scallops I had as an appetizer were better than fine. And the cocktails were impressive It feels a bit tired - and I don't think it would take much to put some dazzle back in its game. It was quite full. The diners at various separate tables along the same wall as us all started interacting so it was very jovial. I think I'd consider it a lovely find if we were wandering around and stumbled on to this place. But as a destination, as I said -- a little tired but with its charms. It looks like you posted just as we were being seated. We'll have to check out Bistro de la Gare another time. Thanks all the same. (I was a bit surprised not to get any comments to the two queries I posted about this place!)

      Bistro de la Gare
      626 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014

    2. a close friend swears by it, but we haven't been. he recently recommended it to another friend, who went and reported back with positive comments.

      1. Havent been in years but the atmosphere is very romantic

        1. The Place is VERY dim, hard to read the menu and the tables are very close together. The food is good, not fantastic and not particularly reasonable. We had a very nice meal there with friends but I would not hurry back. I too had the scallops and found them quite chewy.

          My dining partners all had fish and enjoyed it. So, perfectly fine for an evening but don't spend taxi money to get there.