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Nov 17, 2010 11:47 AM

Cheap/comfort food near Suffolk?

I'm taking my homesick, freshman in college, cousin for dinner tomorrow night. She goes to Suffolk. Last time we went out, we went to Silvertone's. Any recommendations for cheap comfort food near Suffolk?


69 Bromfield St, Boston, MA 02108

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    1. re: phonelady

      I love the burger, the pulled-pork sandwich, and the chicken focaccia sandwich at the Hill Tavern on Cambridge St. It's cheap ($8-10 for the items listed above). Can't beat the Silvertone for comfort food as well. The Paramount on Charles St. is also affordable and decent along these lines.

      1. re: redelephant

        I am not sure I would describe it as comfort food per say but check out Kingston Station on Kingston St. about 3 blocks from Suffolk's dorm on Tremont St. Good burger and other food that some may describe as comfort food.

        Kingston Station
        25 Kingston St, Boston, MA 02111

    2. I love the Hill! My daughter went to Suffolk undergrad and is at Suffolk Law and we both enjoy this place. I have a special place in my heart (and stomach ) for Grotto...have been going since the day they opened and have never been disappointed. Also, Kinsale located toward Government Center is good.

        1. Cheap comfort food? I'd say either Jacob Wirth in the Theatre District or, depending on which building at Suffolk you're talking about, the Paramount over on Charles Street.

          Jacob Wirth Restaurant
          31 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116

          1. If she's in the dorm on Tremont and West St, Max & Dylan's on West has decent food at fair prices.

            Max & Dylan's
            15 West St, Boston, MA 02111

            Tremont Cafe
            418 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02116

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            1. re: 9lives

              "...decent food at fair prices" reminds me of Austin Powers: "Well sir, Big Boy never really left; it's always offered the same high quality meals at competitive prices."

              But seriously: agree with above recs, also might like Stoddards. I was there a couple of weeks ago and loved the steak tartare and the charcuterie plate, but burger & fries looked great too.

              1. re: Niblet

                The burger is really good, and I had a dark horse ale on draft that was amazing. Deviled eggs were quite good, too. The other entrees can get a bit pricey, though.