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Nov 17, 2010 10:57 AM

Driving from Pittsburgh to WV

Sorry, I don't have time to thoroughly search the board since I just booked a flight to PIT on Fri. morning. Will drive from there to Morgantown then Fairmont. Looking for an interesting stop on the way, not too far off the highway, and since I won't have eaten that morning, the stop should be closer to PIT. Not expensive, southern style if possible, maybe good hash browns, scrapple, something I can't get done well (or at all) in Boston. I see the towns of Canonsburg and Washington on the route, anything there? Thanks.

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  1. Scrapple is Philly food, not Pittsburgh. You won't find it many places here. Most of the notable breakfast joints are in the close-in burbs, not out by the airport or Interstates. But Canonsburg does have a winner in Alice's Restaurant.

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      Thanks for the one reply. I ended up at Eat n Park in Washington cuz I'd never heard of that chain and decided to give them a chance. They unfornately didn't have sausage and biscuits and their hash browns were very prefab, so I wiish I'd gone to Bob Evans instead (which I did hit on the way back). I did see a place while searching called Eat at Penny's which sounded promising.

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        Next time do pamela's. Midwestern cuisine at its finest.

        Southern style doesn't exist west of the Appalachians -- at least not as a "cultural preference"

    2. Don't know where you're from, but there's a place called Biscuit World. First time I saw it, IO just howled. Then found out it was actually a fairly good-sized chain. Can't say they're great, but anywhere that thinks enough of itself to choose a name like that.... Anyway, there are some in that part of the world.

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        I'm from Boston and heard about Biscuit World when I was in WV. Sounds like my kind of place but I doubt I'll be in the area again (or at least in the foreseeable future).

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          Are you referring to Tudor's Biscuit World maybe? Love their fried apples on a biscuit.

        2. There is the Gab n Eat in Carnegie. Great sausage and home fries. Try the mixed grill. Get half an order unless really hungry.