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Nov 17, 2010 06:37 AM

Breakfast in/near Silver Spring, College Park

Hi all,

I'm looking for a good breakfast place near me (Hyattsville/Adelphi). I've been to Plato's Diner twice and am underwhelmed (what? syrup in packets? come on, now!). Am open to diners and also higher-end brunchy places. If they have REALLY GOOD coffee, that is a plus, but not a requirement.

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  1. I live in Hyattsville and have yet to find a good place- I do like the Silver Diner in Beltsville better than Plato's, and the bagel place in College Park is fine if that's what you're in the mood for. Silver Spring has some more options, but yeah, as far as I can tell we are out of luck. I have higher hopes for when the Busboys and Poets opens on Baltimore Ave in the spring.
    My breakfast/brunch experience isn't vast, but all the good ones I've had have been inside the district.

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    1. re: Lozza

      Oh, didn't know about Busboys and Poets opening nearby - that will be something to look forward to. Have you been to the College Park Diner? Have read very mixed reviews on Yelp.

    2. Platos is a diner in a college town; I'm not sure what you expected (real maple syrup? I think not). I think their sausage, hash browns and french toast are all really good. Can't comment on the coffee as I don't drink it.

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      1. re: reiflame

        i didn't really expect maple, just something in a pourer . . . . every diner (college town or not) i've ever been in hasn't used the little packets - this isn't about snobbery, just surprise.

        1. re: capicksnw

          Fair enough but it's the same product, so I'm not sure why you were so put off by it.

          1. re: reiflame

            i feel a bit as if you are passing judgment on/talking down to me a bit . . . it just seems odd and incredibly non-cost-effective to serve pancake syrup in packets at a place in which pancakes and waffles are a big part of the menu. i personally used to work in a diner, plus i have eaten in diners all over the u.s. and have NEVER seen syrup packets used. your attitude reflects a sense that i should somehow feel stupid because their presence surprised me.

            1. re: capicksnw

              need to back you up here..,,,, .....if I'm having pancakes in a diner style restaurant .I expect to be served syrup in a pitcher ( preferably warm) Syrup in packets is for fast food or carry out. You are 100% right!

              1. re: MDicecreamguy

                thanks icecreamguy - i thought i was losing my mind for a minute!

      2. IHop on Rt 1? Tastee Diner in Silver Spring?

        Tastee Diner
        8601 Cameron St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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        1. re: skipper

          tastee diner doesnt have very good food. but i love the waitress, mama rosa. she's pretty grand. also, very authentic feeling. tastee diner is more like my 2 am drunk diner, though.

          i havent ever tried samantha's restaurant, but i typically love mexican breakfast, so i've been meaning to. would love to hear feedback if someone else has been there or gets there in the near future.

          and i big time second the parkway breakfast rec. i love that place!

          also, la casita does a pretty good salvadorean breakfast on the cheap.

        2. eggspectation in silver spring
          Parkway deli in silver spring

          1. --Parkway Deli (better than Woodside)
            --McGinty's was surprisingly good
            --My favorite on Sat and Sun is Royal Mile which serves til 2. It's just a smidge further in Wheaton.

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            1. re: shellymck

              humm, where is Parkway Deli located?

              Parkway Deli
              7250 Parkway Dr Ste 110, Hanover, MD 21076

              1. re: shellymck

                parkway's menu looks fab - i think we will give it a shot tomorrow morning. will report back.

                1. re: capicksnw

                  parkway deli was great! i had what is close to the breakfast meal of my dreams: latkes topped with lovely lox and over medium eggs. this was served with a big and extra tasty english muffin, which was served well-toasted at my request (a true bonus, since this request is more often than not ignored). the hubby had a really nice chef's salad with nice big logs of deli meat including roast beef, ham and turkey all of very high quality. we got out of there full and very happy for $22 and change (including a 20% tip). will definitely go there again.

                  we also noticed "the daily dish" a few doors down - their menu looked great and very reasonable. anyone have opinions on this place?