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Nov 17, 2010 06:28 AM

Reheating a beef tenderloin - Help please!

I am cooking a meal for a friend's party and I am doubtful about the best way to give her reheating instructions for the beef tenderloin (whole). If she wants to serve it medium rare, should I roast it to rare and give her instructions to roasting it further on the day of the party until medium rare?I wonder how caterers do this. Please help! I'm cooking it on a Friday for a Saturday party. Thanks!

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  1. It is such a short cooking time to begin with I don;t see why you don't just do it the day of teh show....

    1. If the intention is to serve it warm, then it should be pre cooked to slightly under desired temperature low and slow @ 225*. Have the meat removed from the refrigerator an hour before serving. To reheat, I would grill or broil for a few minutes......obviously, you would need to keep the tenderloin whole, and not sliced... This is the method most often used by caterers, but for cheaper cuts of meat.....unless they are doing a meat platter for reception, like sliced filet of beef or vitello tonnato

      If the tenderloin is sliced, then I would also take it out of the refrigerator an hour before serving and warn it up in a preheated 225* degree oven to get the chill out.,,,,

      but I agree with hazelhurst above.

      1. Caterers roast or sear until very rare, then reheat in hot oven, 425-450°°, with the roast at room temp, with a watchful eye. Room temp when it goes in for the final roast is important. I have also well seared the seasoned exterior of the tenderloin, then finished it completely at the catered party. Easier to judge when it's done that way than roasting until rare and finishing later.

        An instant read thermometer is very handy for this, does your friend have one or do you that you could loan?

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          Thank you everyone! I do not have the option to cook it the day of the show, unfortunately, but I love the idea of searing until very rare and loaning her a thermometer and giving instructions for a medium rare roast.

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            Smells like success to me. Besure to tell her oven properly preheated and tenderloin at room temp. And it will cook quickly, 10-15 minutes, max, depending on thickness of roast.