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Nov 17, 2010 06:08 AM

Puerto Vallarta- El Dorado by Boca Bento Reviews?

We are planning a big dinner here in two months and I'm trying to figure out the menu options. Has anyone been lately and can help me out with what's good on the menu? Thanks!

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  1. Can't answer the question because the restaurant is still being renovated. Some possibility that it will reopen on Saturday.

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    1. re: mexivilla

      Really! Theres a review on tripadvisor from May. Did they close after that again?

      1. re: roze

        Yes they closed for the renovation. I spoke to one of the owners yesterday and she said the opening will be this Sunday.

    2. Has anyone been yet? Please tell me it's open by now. Our big dinner is coming up next month and I'm starting to get worried. Thanks!

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      1. re: roze

        Not to worry, El Dorado by Boca Bento is open and doing well. It is one of our favorite spots. Our experience has included nothing but pleasure.