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Nov 17, 2010 06:08 AM


Got an email saying the new place next to the Oasis is open. I heard this was going to be an Uncle Billy's (I wonder if it's the same folks pretending to be "high end dining")

Looking at the menu, I think I'll let someone else be the guinea pig.

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  1. There is a map on their website that shows the Oasis, Soleil and Uncle Billy's...

    Maybe someone will try it and let us know if the prices warrant anything other than the view.

    Uncle Billy's
    1530 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

    1. How is this going to work with the Asian place named Soliel on North Lamar? Can you imagine the frustration if someone drives out there expecting Asian food?

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      1. re: singlemalt

        Maybe the same way that Sichuan Garden does it!

        Sichuan Garden
        110 N Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78681

      2. austinist did a really brief review of one of soleil's items as the dish of the week.
        a $14.50 appetizer, no less.

        "What: Stone Oven Gratin of Mussels with Croutons and Saffron Sauce
        Where: Soleil

        How Much: $14.50

        Why We Love It: Lake Travis' newest restaurant (located a stone's throw from the Oasis) serves diners a picturesque view and delicious Mediterranean and Italian dishes.

        A standout on chef Robert del Grande's menu is the antipasti of smoked mussels. Each shell is filled with one smoky mussel, a topping of flavorful breadcrumbs and a drizzle of a creamy, floral saffron sauce.

        All this dish needs is a crisp glass of white wine and a seat with a sunset view."

        1. Has anyone been here since the first of the year? I'm taking a relative to dinner on Friday night and they wanted to go somewhere at the lake. My wife is a vegetarian so I need to be sure she will be happy. I looked at the menu for the Grille at Rough Hollow and think my wife might have a challenge there. Seafood restaurants don't usually work too well for her.

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          1. re: PappyAustin

            I went and was really disappointed. Blue cheese pizza was very overpowering and had honey all over and was just off-putting. Eggplant my friend had was a dry/floppy mess. Horribly expensive

          2. Isn't there a rule somewhere that says the food has to be crappy if the resto has a view?

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            1. re: malarkey

              That would explain what the uncle billy's is doing there (aside from the beer).

              1. re: bbq1995

                We went last night and thought to views were fabulous and the food was very good. We ordered the two appetizers that were excellent. My wife ordered an large salad that was tasty but smaller than advertised. Another in our party had a pasta dish with shrimp and crab and found it to be too heavy on the pasta. I ordered the crispy trout which was perfectly prepared and a large portion, but was surprised to find it came with nothing else on the plate. One person had some chowder that was not hot enough when served. I had no issue with the pricing.

                In summary, I strongly disagree that the food is bad as stated above. They still have some issues to resolve. The place was about half full, while the Oasis next door was packed.

                1. re: PappyAustin

                  We went there Memorial Day for a light lunch.

                  The food and service were between OK and good :) My daughter had a wonderful chicken sandwich (it was the good). My husband and I shared the meatball appetizer and roasted red peppers. They were between OK and good. Friend had spagehtti and meatballs - he said it was OK.

                  I love the two grapefruit drinks.. one was called the El Jeffe and the other the Sipper. They were very good.

                  Service was OK. Could have been a bit more attentive. View and atmosphere is great.

                  We liked it enough that we are taking family visiting from SoCal this weekend.

                  1. re: m3lissa

                    Went back again this past Monday. In the future I will only go for cocktails and the view and suffer with the poor service.

                    Waitress asked if we'd like an appetizer when we ordered cocktails. She suggested one order of calamari for 7 of us. When the calamari arrived it was 6 - yes 6, tiny little strips of calamari.. for $12! I don't know how she could have possibly thought it was enough for 7 people.

                    Shrimp burger wasn't a hit (three of us had it and none of us particularly enjoyed it). Hamburger was better - but medium rare was requested and well done was what arrived at the table.

                    Daughter ordered linguine with clams. They were out of clams and asked to substitute shrimp.

                    My husband ordered the chicken and coppa sandwich - instead he got the similar chicken dish. When he pointed out the wrong thing arrived the waitress never offered to get him the sandwich - she just pointed out the only thing different was the bread - and then offered to bring him bread. The bread wasn't the only thing different either.