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Nov 17, 2010 04:37 AM

Lunch in Grand Cayman and Cozumelz

We will be cruising to these ports next week. Any suggestion for lunch spots near the docks? Local cuisine preferred and pricing not an issue.

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  1. In GC, you tender in....closest spot is probably Breezes, you can see it from the smaller tender pier. If you come into Royal Watler there's a great ice cream spot on the second floor (Country Store, IIRC) and if htey are making creamy corn ice cream that day get it, yum!. Grab a Caybrew at the liquor store down below.
    Head south past Breezes toward Hammerheads and pick up some fresh fish from the guys selling it there. Hammerheads will cook it for you.

    If you're willing to cab it up to 7 mile beach, go to the Sunset Grill across from the Ritz, just good quality family food. Or if you want really good local food with funky local atomsphere, then coming back from 7MB down Eastern ave next to the texaco and a soccer stadium is Tony's Jerk Food. Awesome curry chicken and good jerk pork.

    In Cozumel, you'll have to get away from the pier and a bit away from the Plaza in San Miguel to get good food. Look for Cafe Denis, Especias, Camila's, La Choza or Plaza Liza's around the Plaza area in San Miguel. For good food a bit more like Am-Mex, La Mission on the SW corner is a good choice. Get a cab to take you over to Avenida 50Bis and Calle 3 Sur to Pescaderia San Carlos, a bit hard to find. Or walk down Avenida 5 past Calle sur 3 to Las Oates tacqueria.

    If you grab a cab to see the East side, stop at either Mezcalitos (at the end of the transverse road) for good sea food, Playa Bonita further down past Coconuts (which BTE, has great views and good drinks but the food is average) for conch ceviche gorditas. Rastas (Bob Marley's) near the light house also has excellent ceviche. And if you want to shop and grab a quick bite ll in one place Los Cincos Soles/Pancho's Backyard has a branch at the Puerta Maya pier as well as downtown. Normally, a bit too tourista for my tastes but they do make strong margaritas and their chili rellenos are excellent.

    Enjoy your cruise.

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    1. re: crewsweeper

      Thanks. We went to two places you mentioned, both with mixed results. My wife was hungry after our excursion on the Ultimate Undersea Adventure so we went to Breezes because of it's central location. The one thing they did well is the oxtail stew, tender, fatty, and well seasoned. In Cozumel we went to La Mission, again after our excursion and starving. We had a combo platter, chicken mole, and fish Veracruz. The seasoning was not really Tex-Mex nor was it really authentic Mexican. The food wasn't bad but I still felt like I squandered a meal.

      1. re: Worldwide Diner

        Sorry your meals weren't spectacular, but had you walked a 1/2 block or so from La Mission to either Casa Denis, Especias, or La Choza, you might have had a better meal. Lots of people like La Mission because you sit out under the arbor and there's strolling musicians. It's not authentic Mexican though, but jus tenough off the ersatz Tex mex places back home to be a good substitute for the real thing.

        Breezes used to do a very good tuna, but glad you liked their oxtail stew. Being close to the tender pier, does make it a bit more dependent on tourists and tourists tastes.

        Hope the rest of your cruise was enjoyable.