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Nov 16, 2010 11:15 PM

Porterhouse Steaks in Vancouver

What places in Vancouver serves porterhouse steaks??

Morton's is closed...any other places.??

Also where can you buy porterhouse steaks to cook at home??

thanks for the info

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  1. Hy's, Gotham, The Shoreclub all have porterhouse. Not sure where you can buy porterhouse to cook at home. Try a butcher like Jackson's, Cioffi's, or Armando's (Granville Island)

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    1. re: fmed

      Armando's .... a real stalwart of utmost quality, service and value !

      I'd add Windsor Meats on Main/King Edward.

      1. re: LotusRapper

        I would definately suggest visiting armando's. I buy ribeyes's from there and they are the best I've ever seen in a store. If they don't have it in the display case ask the staff. they do have some things hidden away in their fridge.

        Also if you are going out to get a steak go to Hy's. flame grilled with a smokey taste. Just cant be beat

    2. superstore sells grade AAA porterhouse

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      1. re: vandan

        i had steaks from superstore twice and i felt that their meat quality is not as good as Safeway..

        However, Safeway never has porterhouse steaks, just slightly bigger T-bones....

        how's the prices at these butcher places compared to franchise markets? if they have good quality and variety, i don't mind paying a little more..

        i live closer to Cioffi's, i can go check it out...

        1. re: mikeyjrd

          Small butchers charge more, but usually have higher quality meat. Also they usually have a selection special order, game, offal, aged meats, sausages, etc. These places are worth the trip. Cioffi's, for example is a great Italian grocery and a great meat shop. One stop shopping if you include the green grocers close by and the liquor store across the street.

          1. re: mikeyjrd

            funny i find the opposite, as AAA is pretty much all i buy and safeways beef is for the most lower grade, just the look of it, the superstore rib-eye has way more marbling

          2. re: vandan

            sorry i totally lied i was thinking of t-bone,( as i'm a rib-eye guy so i never buy either),

            1. re: vandan

              i only get the steaks from the glass-case section in when i'm in safeway; they say the glass case stuff is always AAA

              i'm a striplion guy cuz of the charred/grilled flavor;

              i also enjoy rib-eye for its marbling, tenderness, and its easier to cook; however its hard to find a decent big piece...

              i went to the Keg last week and the sides tasted better than the steaks. i order a so-called kegsize NY striplion med-rare (it had a good grilled flavor) but felt it i was eating a med-well. My friend's prime-rib was tender but he said it was tasteless... My other friend had a sirlion, he said it was ok but it was a small steak...

              1. re: mikeyjrd

                right i forgot about the case i was referring to the packaged stuff

                1. re: mikeyjrd

                  omg was just @ safeway and had a look in the case , now i remember another reason i don"t buy AAA there, it was going for $39/kg and superstore sells it for $18-$19 ( half the price) thats a huuuuge difference for me

                  1. re: vandan

                    are you sure your comparing AAA in superstore to AAA in safeway ??
                    ~$20 diff. sounds a little unreasonable; maybe its a surprise sale or something..

                    1. re: mikeyjrd

                      i am talking about rib-eye here and yes that is the regular going price for them at superstore, i believe the highest i"ve ever seen them is still under $21, oh and that is also a club pack price, generally 3-4 per pack

                      1. re: vandan

                        Safeway is expensive. Urban Fare's prices are better.

                          1. re: vandan

                            i'll go check out superstore by the weekend..

                            i like urban fare too,
                            is the Yaletown store biggest with free parking??

                            1. re: mikeyjrd

                              Thrifty Foods has a great butcher. well aged and great value. unfortunately you have to drive all the way to Tsawassen :(

                              1. re: jcolvin

                                Have to agree, Thrifty's meat is simply the best I've had (Coquitlam store instead of Tsww). Some claim that Costco also has great steaks but I don't think they carry porterhouse.

                                1. re: badjack

                                  I find Costco's steaks just don't compare to Thrifty's (not aged as much, I guess; you can tell just from the colour). Thrifty's compares well to pretty much any independent butcher. I had a huge porterhouse from Thrifty's on Salt Spring which they custom-cut extra-thick for me. Here it is about to be seared black-and-blue in the wood fire. Deep dark red, marbled, yellowish fat, crazy tender. Damn was that ever a good steak..

            2. hy's has a bandsaw upstairs. you can custom order your steaks if you ask ahead.

              glowbal uses a double broil method similar to morton's. AAA 24oz $45. they have a 'case' to display the dry age steaks. link with pic attached:


              FWIW, I prefered a well cooked charbroiled steak to a double broiled steak.

              iirc, a porterhouse is a rib steak with the tenderloin attached. tenderloin being so valuable they are not so common.

              all things being equal, if all the butchers have the same source of beef(they don't), then the difference in quality comes down to the handling, storage etc.. by the butchers.

              besides armando(better value), i have has some good luck with tenderland's dry aged beef, also on GI. Whole food also has dry age steaks which I have had mixed results.
              agree that the safeway beef 'in the case' steaks are expensive. only the safeway stores with a butcher are worth considering. but the case steaks esp if they are aged properly are far superior to the packed ones. I've never seen the porterhouse either.

              actually never really considered urban fare for beef. all three locations DT have similar butchery items. will look into it next time i am there. have tried meinhardt's and whole food's steaks. dont think meinhardt's has a porterhouse, and the locations have slightly different products. WF does dry age their steaks in house so you can check . but...

              i do prefer the smaller standalone butcher's. you can have a real conversation about what you are getting. but i find them either inconvenient or too far for me.

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              1. re: betterthanbourdain

                I have to agree that the Safeway "in case" steaks are expensive at regular price but they often have something on sale that is usually an amazingly good deal.

                1. re: betterthanbourdain

                  In fact the Porterhouse is the best of the T Bone steaks. It is a t shaped bone with Filet├ętenderloin on one side and Striploin, or New York striploin on the other side. No Rib steak involved.

                2. been buying meat at HopCott in Pitt Meadows lately. Best steak I have ever tasted - worth the trip:



                  1. Superstore, Safeway, Cioffis, Armando, yes, you can get a good steak at any of these places, and you can also buy a just okay steak. AAA is excellent quality beef, and PRIME is even better. Armandos has Prime, but it will cost you a premium.

                    The trick is to be able to pick out a good quality piece of beef from the counter. If you can recognise the characteristics of a good steak you will have a good chance of picking out tasty beef, or avoid a lesser quality.

                    Myself, I work at Gotham, so I sell Canada Prime Grain fed beef. It is serious tasty beef. Peoples eyes glaze over from the quality.

                    Today I cooked at home. The 5 NY striploins I picked out at the Superstore were excellent. I found a pack with ample fat marbling, and cut thick. I also noticed some not so great cuts. You just have to be able to pick out the right one...

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                    1. re: jahvay

                      The trouble is that supermarkets rarely age their meat, regardless of grade. Often a well-aged AA will be a better steak than a piece of AAA fresh off the cow, regardless of marbling. While the supermarkets sometimes offer high-grade meat, it rarely seems to have sufficient aging. The majority of supermarket shoppers like that new "bright-red" look to their meat, so that is what they provide.

                      1. re: jcolvin

                        one could "age" the cut at home... on a rack, unwrapped, in the fridge.