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Nov 16, 2010 10:28 PM

HK trip in Jan 2011

Hello guys, I'm back from my long absence! Exams are over and since I have nothing to do, I've decided to create a list of places to eat when I'm in HK . I will be there for a week. :)

Places to eat:

1. Lau Sum Kee noodles - I read somewhere on Chowhound that the wonton noodles here are not bad.

2. T'ang Court, Langham - Heard that dim sum here is better than LKH.

3. Fu Sing, Wan Chai - Wanted to go there on the previous trip but got sick and stuck in the hotel. One of my blogger friends highly recommend the polo bun + char siu filling here.

4. Lin Heung Tea House - Saw this on openrice. Their Malay cake seems decent. I have a soft spot for Malay cakes (ma lai koh) but should I visit this place?

5. Dai Kee, 384 Portland St, Prince Edward - Saw this on open rice. Thought that the food looks interesting.

6. Caprice, Four Seasons, 31968888 - I got advice from CharlesYu and another fellow chowhounder to pick this place over Robuchon.

7. Tai Cheong Bakery- egg tarts: Is this the only place in HK with good egg tarts? I prefer to have my egg tarts when I'm having dim sum.

8. Joy Hing Roasted Meat, 265-267 Hennesy Road, Wan Chai

9. The Manor, 440 Jaffe Road - Heard that the roast duck here is better than Yung Kee.

Are there any other places that I should consider going? I've been to Tsui Wah at Wellington, LKH, Crystal Jade at Harbour City Plaza, Kum Wah cafe for the PLB and Yung Kee, so I don't want any repeats.

Also, can anyone recommend some good breakfast places in TST?

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  1. I can vouch for Caprice. Wonderful dining experience. Great view as well.

    1. here's a post i put up asking the same question with alot of responses:

      here's all the places i went on my trip (fu sing and manor reviews are in here):

      i highly recommend fu sing for both dinner and dim sum, they have the best dim sum i've ever had, hands down the best cha siu and you really should try their hairy crab xiao long bao, they are amazing, the best filling i've ever had better than din tai fung or any of the famous places i've tried in shanghai (although DTF and the famous places in shanghai have better skins). Also highly recommend qiao tei chili crab, that place is really amazing

      also i wouldn't bother with lin heung, the dim sum is decent, but i really think its more of a nostalgic place than amazing food

      i heard joy hing is very good although i don't know if you can get better than fu sing's cha siu

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      1. re: Lau

        Joy Hing and Fu sing has their own strength with their cha siu. In short, Joy Hing has better sauce with a very strong BBQ flavour whereas Fu Sing has better meat quality. And of course, Fu Sing is more expensive.

        1. re: skylineR33

          i walked by it a couple of times, i should've just popped in to try it, but i was too hing has been the other place i really want to go to for good cha siu (one of my all time favorite foods)

          the quality of the meat fu sing is amazing

          1. re: Lau

            Just to weigh in on Joy Hing, I went there twice earlier this year within the space of a week and was disappointed both times. I got a char siu over rice one time and a siu yuk over rice the second time. The char siu was dry and the skin on the siu yuk, which should be crisp, was hard enough to almost break my teeth. both visits were maybe two or later in the afternoon. I don't mean to say their very good rep is not deserved based on my two visits, but I think I would go earlier or figure out a way to get fresh barbecue. I was sad to have wasted two HK meals there.

            1. re: pepper_mil

              hmmm thats too bad, i still want to try it to see...sounds like it mustve been an old batch, cha ciu and sio yuk are definitely two of my favorite foods too

              definitely try fu sing, its cha siu is ridiculous

              1. re: pepper_mil

                Did you ask for half fat/half lean cha siu? The cha siu at West Villa is quite good as well but a bit on the sweet side if that's what you like.

        2. The list looks a bit short on non dim sum Cantonese food. I would add either the Chairman or Fan Tang.

          1. hutong opposite the langham is a must, their crispy lamb is superb and the setting is amazing, you would be hard pushed to find a better view. Sea Food at Rainbow Restaurant Lama Island, simple setting spectacular food, not fine dining but worth the trip, there salt and pepper fried prawns are amazing. The Drawing room is also superb

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            1. re: MrNice

              Hutong is expensive, over-rated and touristy! If one checks past postings on this board, for every thumbs up, there must be at least ten thumbs down by fellow chowhounders!! Apart from the lamb ribs, no one seems to be able to name another worthy dish!! I wonder why??!!
              Regarding Peppered salt fried prawns, one hasn't really tasted the real thing until one tries the one from ' Fung Lam' in Tai Wai!! Ratingwise, I would give the 'Rainbow' version a 7 and the Fung Lam dish a 10!
              Lastly, I totally agree with HKTraveller's suggestion of adding the Chairman or Fan Tang and may be Tim's Kitchen to the list.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I'd agree that Hutong is probably overrated. It's a good choice if you're feeling less adventurous, and the view is amazing (and probably what you're paying for). But you could always get a (also overpriced) drink upstairs at Aqua Spirits one night to get the same view of the skyline.

                I really liked The Drawing Room, especially the white truffle menu (though that's not going to to help you add Cantonese to your list).

                For breakfast, try one of the crowded local scrambled eggs and custard places one morning. Nothing fancy, but a good experience, and probably one of the cheapest breakfasts you'll ever have.

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  I will add my voice to the nay-sayers about Hutong. You can do SO much better in HK!

              2. Thanks for the comments! I'm sticking with Fu Sing, The Manor and Caprice at the moment. Even got the reservations done! Now all that is left is to find a good place to have wonton noodles, good afternoon tea and great xi mut nai cha. :D

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                1. re: micheniche

                  Charles Yu is very right with his selection of Caprice over Robuchon. Just got back from a 3 hour lunch at Caprice and is another league.

                  1. re: micheniche

                    For won-ton noodle, head out to 'Mak's' on Wellington Street, Central You can walk pass the 1* Yung Kee and take a look at all the Chinese B-B-Q hanging in the window!
                    Tasty inside IFC is pretty good for WTN too!

                    1. re: Charles Yu

                      Mak's is pretty good although i havent gone on wonton noodle soup bonanza and tried to figure out who is best and wonton noodle soup is sort of the equivalent of ramen in japan where there are all these hardcore specialists

                      1. re: Lau

                        I'm with Charles Yu all the way on his choices of best wanton noodles in HK :-)