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Nov 16, 2010 07:36 PM

Butcher shops in/around Kansas City

I am new to the Kansas City area and am looking for a good butcher shop, that can get heritage pork, lamb and duck, in addition to steaks, chops and such. Any recommendations?

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    1. Paradise Locker just North of Smithville is very good, and worth the drive.

      And my old standby, Bickelmeyer's. Not so much for heritage breeds, but very good quality and lots of selection.

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      1. re: chileheadmike

        I believe The Merc in Lawrence is a customer of Paradise, if you live out that way. Their meat dept. has been very responsive when I've asked for special parts like lamb kidney, etc. So, another option if you aren't in the Northland or thereabouts.

      2. McGonigle's is great. Ward Parkway & 79th.