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Nov 16, 2010 05:38 PM

Modern Apizza-- is the rest of the food any good?

I love Pepe's especially the clam pie. I went to Modern once and thought the pizza was good but prefer Pepe's. My family will indulge my desire for Pepe's but I would like to keep them happy and they want more then pizza. So.... is the rest of the food good and is the clam pie at Modern worth ordering?

Modern Apizza
874 State St, New Haven, CT 06511

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  1. We love the spinach and garlic white "apizza". The salad is ok. Personally my favorite clam pie is the one at Pepe's The Spot (with bacon).

    1. Ah, Modern, quality pie without the attitude and touristy nonsense of wooster st. They have other food?!! Seriously, I've had their grinders and antipasto, and both are good. Can't comment on the pasta, as I've never had it. Don't care for clams on my abeets, but I hear pepes does a better one

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        We, too really like Modern, but with a couple of caveats:
        1 - At peak hours, the lines are as bad as on Wooster St. The option of picking up the pies is decidedly less appealing. A few years ago, they opened up a separate kitchen for take out and our experience is that the pies just don't travel well (and we only live a couple of miles away). While the pies are absolutely delicious when dining there, they tend to be very soggy by the time we get them home.
        2 - As opposed to Pepe's, the Spot (and Bar), Modern uses canned clams on their clam pies. Just not the same as freshly shucked littlenecks....

        I really don't think anybody goes to Modern for anything else but pizza. Everything else is just incidental.....

        1. re: lsnhc

          As much as I love Modern I agree about the clam pie, Pepe's is better and sorry, I've never had anything but pizza there.

          A little trick with Modern, you can order ahead. This really only works at lunch time when the place isn't packed yet. I work about 10 minutes away, I call when I'm leaving the within 5 minutes of sitting down we have our pizza.

          As I said, this would never work during peak hours but lunch on a weekday its perfect.