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Nov 16, 2010 03:26 PM

Group dinner in Albany/El Cerrito/Berkeley


I'm taking my restaurant crew out for a Holiday party. We are looking for a fun dinner/drinks kind of place between North Berkeley and Albany bowl. It will likely be a Saturday night in December. Most of the staff are college students and a few 30-something cooks. A full bar would be nice, but we could get by on a nice beer selection. Food budget not including drinks is about $20/person. Any cuisine, but no sushi. A family style, small plates kind of atmosphere seems fun. I was thinking little star on Solano Ave. Any other suggestions?


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  1. There will be about 15 of us.

    1. You could do Nizza la Bella at that price - their servings are large and lend themselves well to sharing. Full bar. A lot of their seats are booths, but I think they have enough free standing tables that they could accommodate your party.

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        +1 on Nizza. make sure you reserve pretty quick, they're always busy.

        1. T-Rex BBQ would work. Most entrees are under $20 and portions are big. Food is consisetetyl good. The bbq and sides are pretty conducive to family style sharing. Great bar selection. Not particularly vegetarian friendly.

          1. We had a party of 30 plus at T-Rex last year. They created a long table upstairs. I'm not a fan of the food but the drink menu is extensive.
            You might consider Six Degrees on Solano Ave. We've had groups of 15 or so. They have a nice happy hour drinks/eats menu and parking isn't too crazy. The price is definitely right--HH drinks are $5 with lots of small plates for $3-$6.
            Nizza is my favorite but the biggest group I've done there is 10.