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Nov 16, 2010 03:21 PM


Any tips on how to get good tasting ice? I tried making ice with a faucet mounted filter. Was okay. Tried buying a fridge with carbon filter and ice maker. Was okay. It just doesn't taste as good as the ice that comes from restaurants with coke machines/ice makers.

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  1. Could be a combination of factors, but I've noticed that the ice from my freezer always tastes "bleh" when there hasn't been much of a turnover and it's gotten stale. I'm sure it's sucking up residual stink from whatever is in my freezer (even with baking soda in there). When I host a party, I make a point to dump what I have and start fresh.

    Restaurants go through a lot of ice, so the supply is probably always pretty fresh. Plus I'm guessing that their ice makers don't share the same air as their frozen veggies, meats, ice cream, etc.

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      Thanks for the tip! I put all the smelly food in tupperware containers. I use to get food smell messing up my ice and my ice cream. After I started the tupperware rule my ice cream problem went away. I have tested the ice by eating cubes and letting it melt and drinking the water. It has a bleh taste to it. During the summer I go through lots of ice but it wasn't much better. Also I noticed the fridge filtered water ice was a bit cloudy while restaurant ice tends to be crystal clear.

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        Sometimes the cloudiness comes from dissolved air bubbles. You can reduce this significantly by boiling (or even double-boiling) your water before pouring it into the ice tray

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          Restaurant machine ice is clear because it's made differently than home made ice. Restaurant machine ice is frozen in layers or sheets from constantly running water. Home made has a cloudy appearance because it freezes from inside out.

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            " I have tested the ice by eating cubes and letting it melt and drinking the water. It has a bleh taste to it."

            The water tastes "flat" because the dissolved air in the water dissippated when the ice was frozen....same thing will happen when you boil water. You need to get air back into the water by pouring it back and forth between two containers or stirring vigorously.

        2. Buy the ice, and keep it wrapped. I think camilles is right that when you have ice sitting in the fridge, it soaks up odors from the food there. Ice doesn't stay completely frozen, at the surface there is always ice evaporating and being replaced by moisture in the air of the freezer (in an equilibrium). Also filtered water is pure, and pure water doesn't taste the best (though better than unfiltered).

          Cloudiness is a matter of how the ice freezes. You can get the same water to freeze cloudy or crystal clear. For example, for ice sculptures they stir the water as it freezes to break up irregular crystal patterns.

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