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Cheaper alternative to Viking cookware?

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I use viking stainless steel cookware on the job and LOVE LOVE LOVE it...but it's darn expensive. Can anyone recommend a brand that's similar but a bit more budget-friendly?

Alternatively, how about a basic cookware set in the $200 range?

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  1. KosherHound: "Alternatively, how about a basic cookware set in the $200 range?"

    Is 124% of budget acceptable?

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      Slightly over budget is okay, but I'm looking for a more heavy-duty set, and one that's oven-safe since I do a lot of finishing in the oven.

    2. Its not quite Viking, but Walmart sells Tramontina tri-ply that looks darn good and is an obvious copy of AC.

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        Follow-up: The Tramontina triply from Walmart remains a bargain. However, having an extra penny or two I recently purchased a Viking 3 qt. saute pan. This is serious 7-ply cookware! Simply awesome. My All-Clad and Calphalon pans are not in the same league.

      2. I'll be watching this post closely. I have one piece of Viking, a reduction saucepan, and cherish it. Yes, it's expensive but it outperforms others and is one of three pieces that I would take with me to a desert island (or beach house when we go away; the other two are a LC Dutch oven and Mauviel saute pan). Mine says "Made in Belgium" on the bottom. Maybe someone knows another Belgian manufacturer whose non-Viking line is comparable.

        1. Regalware. Made in the USA, tri-ply and worth the money.

          1. http://www.chow.com/topics/289089

            Granted, this is an old thread (currently on General Chowhounding Topics) but I did not know that the Viking cookwear was made by Demeyere (Zwilling Group, Belgium). Perhaps this could be a lead for you.

            1. You may want to check out some of their pieces and COO.

              One of my roastings pans were made in Belgium. The latter was made in the PRC.

              BESIDES, THE RIVETLESS design of the Demeyere I prefer more...