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Nov 16, 2010 03:16 PM

Cheaper alternative to Viking cookware?

I use viking stainless steel cookware on the job and LOVE LOVE LOVE it...but it's darn expensive. Can anyone recommend a brand that's similar but a bit more budget-friendly?

Alternatively, how about a basic cookware set in the $200 range?

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  1. KosherHound: "Alternatively, how about a basic cookware set in the $200 range?"

    Is 124% of budget acceptable?

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    1. re: Politeness

      Slightly over budget is okay, but I'm looking for a more heavy-duty set, and one that's oven-safe since I do a lot of finishing in the oven.

    2. Its not quite Viking, but Walmart sells Tramontina tri-ply that looks darn good and is an obvious copy of AC.

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      1. re: brooktroutchaser

        Follow-up: The Tramontina triply from Walmart remains a bargain. However, having an extra penny or two I recently purchased a Viking 3 qt. saute pan. This is serious 7-ply cookware! Simply awesome. My All-Clad and Calphalon pans are not in the same league.

      2. I'll be watching this post closely. I have one piece of Viking, a reduction saucepan, and cherish it. Yes, it's expensive but it outperforms others and is one of three pieces that I would take with me to a desert island (or beach house when we go away; the other two are a LC Dutch oven and Mauviel saute pan). Mine says "Made in Belgium" on the bottom. Maybe someone knows another Belgian manufacturer whose non-Viking line is comparable.

        1. Regalware. Made in the USA, tri-ply and worth the money.


            Granted, this is an old thread (currently on General Chowhounding Topics) but I did not know that the Viking cookwear was made by Demeyere (Zwilling Group, Belgium). Perhaps this could be a lead for you.