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Nov 16, 2010 03:00 PM

chez cora

bouquets to chez cora, i often enjoy their early bird specials ( til 8am 7 days a week)but recently got annoyed by service at one of the branches. However I never bother to complain, just dont go back. When waitress was argumentative after asking my opinion at cash i decided i would fill out online survey about that particular experience (always had satisfactory service in all branches in past). Received voicemail message from manager to call, but didnt reply as didnt plan to return to that branch even if in my neighbourhood, then received $10x5 personalized gift certificates in mail along with letter of apology so now am considering giving that branch another chance! Classy response and appreciated. In my opinion chowhound reviews are not just about food but also ambience and service as it can spoil the whole experience if problematic. This Quebec chain knows how to keep clientele and the extra touches of attentive, friendly service, new additions to menu, choices of fruit options, endless coffee refills, along with free homemade fudge at exit are real pluses +they have found a formula to survive in the competitive breakfast market.

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  1. It used to be good but has gotten too expensive and too skimpy (I think they must cut their ham with a 'freakin' laser beam'). With all of the great breakfast and brunch options, there is just no reason to support this chain.

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      I have experienced this restaurant with family, and close friends, and alone. IMHO, the chain management policy goes by a the principle Looks Is Everything (LIE) even though there are kind people working hard, corporately I cannot support, it anymore.

    2. Classy response indeed!
      It's always nice when a restaurant shows that tehy do care about what their customers think, especially a chain as big as Cora.

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      1. re: SourberryLily

        Agreed. Awesome response. Business owners of all stripes, take note.