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Nov 16, 2010 02:37 PM

Best steak in New Orleans

So what's the best steak place in New Orleans? Staying if FQ, but moving around is a possibility.

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  1. La Boca is everyone's opinion. Here's a link that will help.

    La Boca Restaurant
    857 Fulton St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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    1. re: Littleman

      I haven't seen anything about Besh Steak at Harrah's. Other than the fact that I'd prefer a place not in a casino, was wondering if there are any opinions?

      1. re: DJLewis

        Besh Steak is fine (food-wise).....but it's still in a casino. If you're visiting NOLA (one of the finest food cities in the US), I wouldn't waste a meal in a casino.....unless I was comped.

        1. re: DJLewis

          I had the prime filet at August.. It was tender but had no taste at all. I was sorely disappointed considering the price of it and the reputation of August.

      2. Well, whether or not it actually serves the best steak is questionable, but by far the best place TO EAT said steak is at Crescent City Steaks. In a booth. Preferably, the one right by the door.

        1. Ruth's Chris Steak House at 525 Fulton St. or Mr. John's Steak House
          on St. Charles Avenue.
          Antoine's is reputed to have a great steak, but there are so many other things I must eat that I have never eaten a steak there.

          Ruth's Chris Steak House
          711 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA

          1. our favorite is definitely *not* La Boca, where i had perhaps the worst service of my life, involving the manager attempting to brow beat me into accepting their over-cooked american kobe. owner Chef Adolfo never responded to a letter. boo.

            our favorite is definitely Mr. John's, on St Charles. everything is USDA Prime, including the filet. it's like butter (which as a matter of fact it's doused in, too). the side of mushroom and spinach gratin seal the deal. love getting a big martini at the bar during carnival before steaks. terrific service and always a good time.

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            1. re: kibbles

              I'm in the Mr. John's camp also. Bloody Mary and Caesar, followed by NY Strip medium rare with cabermet, and then tarimisu. I like that combo so much and it is so perfect I never deviate.

              I love the way the steak stays hot from start to finish on the super hot plate w/ butter. In fact, that to me is the downfall of so many other places and their steaks. They either start out cooled or cool down by the time I'm almost finished with the steak.

              1. re: kibbles

                I have to agree with the Mr. John's suggestion. Best steak I have ever had in New Orleans.

              2. I'm definitely on the La Boca bandwagon. I go there quite regularly and have never experienced anything dissapointing. My favorite is the skirt steak. And if your dining companion will share, the brussel sprouts and fries make great sides.

                They have several nice Malbecs to choose from as well.

                When I'm craving steak, it's La Boca I crave.

                La Boca Restaurant
                857 Fulton St., New Orleans, LA 70130