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Nov 16, 2010 02:13 PM

Petaks in Teaneck

Petaks, a generally underwhelming and uninspired take-out place in Fairlawn, has opened a new place on West Englewood in Teaneck next door to Chopstix (not clear if a restaurant or only take-out). I have heard one very positive review from a friend. Anyone else been there and tried their food?

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  1. Haven't eaten there, but passed by about a week ago. It's definitely a restaurant. We checked out the menu posted in the window, and were surprised to see that many of their menu items were similar to those that were served in Dougie's which is right next door. (Though Dougie's menu is more extensive.)
    At the time (a Sunday late afternoon) Dougies was fairly crowded while Petaks was empty. I would think that if you open right next door to a long established and seemingly popular restaurant, you would try to distinguish yourself with a more unique menu.

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      Not in teaneck. I will say that I have enjoyed their dairy catering. Was not at all impressed with their Fairlawn take out.

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        Since I try new places as a matter of compulsion, I had to give Petaks a go despite agreeing with mrogovin's characterization of the Fairlawn branch. I would say it should be viewed as a take-out place, though an effort has been made to decorate the small dining room. (Also, friends of mine enjoyed eating in there as they had the place to themselves.) There is a large counter with various cooked items and deli meats. I would rate their rotisserie chicken as the best in the area – admittedly not a very large pool. It was not overdone, tasty, and came w/ a choice of side dish for $10.99. I opted for the butternut squash which was good but which could be better were less oil and salt used. A bbq beef sandwich was fine but unremarkable. I asked for a tub of their gravy which had been recommended to me. It is turkey-based with an ok flavor but far too gelatinous, even when heated. The true standout was the salt and pepper kugel. Unlike many such offerings out there, this one had a real kick and I appreciated the subtle addition of celery, almost like a mirepoix added to stuffing. Service was affable and efficient though I would have appreciated a “sorry” for having not added the paid for kugel to my bag, which necessitated a return to the store. I could see using Petaks for shabbos take-out and would consider it one of the better such options in the area.

        1. re: Kosher Critic

          Did not enjoy their food at all, the op description is very right. to which I add, uninspiring, oily, expensive.