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Nov 16, 2010 01:33 PM

Phaidon India cookbook

Saw this recently at a good price at Costco and fell for it but having second thoughts just because of its size. It's wrapped so don't want to unwrap it in case I need to return it. Anyone gotten it and liked/dislked it?

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  1. I just bought it and have cooked a few things from it - it's terrific! First, it's beautiful. The photos are really stunning. I sat looking through it for an hour trying to decide which recipes to try first. There are over 1,000 recipes, and the chapters are separated according to meal. I've made an onion chutney, which I and my family loved, as well as potato fritters, which were also great, and finally, the chicken with aromatic spices - delicious! The recipes were very simple to follow, and many have substitutions for some of the more difficult to find Indian spices (but most ingredients seemed to be things I could easily find in the grocery store). There is also an interesting introduction about the various food regions of India, how Indians like to eat, ect. Also, one side note - but something important to me - the book stays open to your recipe. I always find it annoying when a book flops closed because the pages are too think. Im definitely excited to try more. I don't think you'll regret buying it!

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      Phaidon? Is this a translation of an Indian 'Joy of Cooking'? :) From the original Sanskrit?

      I'm a sucker for this kind of cookbook. I have a copy of 1080 (Spanish), and 660 curries. also 'The Classic 1000 Indian Recipes' (a UK publication from the mid 90s)

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        Im dubious about this book. Pant is a scholar now journalist/presenter on all kinds of subjects, food just bieing one of them. Given its size, it seems like it must be a corporate research effort. more than a personal collection there are a lot of good indian cookbooks out there which have stood the test of time. Not clear that this is the best comprehensive one. but have fun and see what you think.

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          I just glanced at it at Barnes and Noble. The use of a rice sack dust jacket is cute. But all copies where shrink wrapped so I didn't look inside.

    2. Costco, with their very liberal return policy, will take it back sans the wrap.

      1. I will be curious to hear more about this book, since I have been less than thrilled by these huge Phaidon compendiums. In the same genre, I quite like the new Madhur Joffrey book, which is Indian home cooking.

        1. Y'all see this earlier discussion?

          I'm with Roxlet on the Phaidon books, I would want to have a nice perusal of this before considering buying.