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Oct 27, 2005 05:51 PM

romantic steak restaurant in weho or 3rd/rob

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For my boyfriend I am looking for a romantic restaurant that serves great steak in the weho, hollywood, robertson and 3rd, fairfax area. Any suggestions?? I don't just need straight up steak houses. Maestros might be a little too pricey for me?
How is Il Cielo?

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  1. price wise Il Cielo makes Maestros look like jack in the box. how about vert, it fun and the steak is good enough. for a more serious approach my std answer is mortons in bh, ny split for 2, major yum

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      kurt, do you mean maestro's makes il cielo look like jack in the box? because the price points between the two places are WAAAAAAAAAAAY off. maestro's is definitely pricey - but oh so good.

      that being said, il cielo is a GREAT place for romance and ambiance, and they do a nice steak for an italian joint. i also recommend the veal chop if they have it on special.

    2. The merquez steak with frites at Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega (cross street - Melrose) is out of this world. The ambiance is French/Romantic, but you will get to know your neighbors well, so if it's intimacy you're looking for - no. Good food, yes yes yes.


      1. Try the Brazilian Fago de Beverly Hills. Service was excellent, the cheese bread is one of a kind. Nice salad bar, very fresh, plenty o' selections. The MEAT is delivered on long skewers and is cooked to perfection. A must try!

        1. What about Morrel's at The Grove? You can either sit outside and people-watch on their patio...I also heard their interior is quite nice-looking. Plus, you can get a fondue or souffle...yum!

          1. Oh...and Carlos Garditel is an excellent Argentinian steak house on Melrose (near Fairfax). Small, friendly and family-run. They have live music on Friday and Saturday nights.