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Nov 16, 2010 01:27 PM

NOLA for Christmas

Hi everyone, my sister and I (NY and Philly, respectively) are heading to New Orleans for Christmas. Neither of us has been there for at least 20 years and we're really excited! I plan to read the boards extensively, but I'd appreciate any specific guidance on spots near our hotel (the Sheraton near the French Quarter) and on spots that will be open or having special meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas itself. We like cheap neighborhood joints just as much as fancy places (if not more!), but we would probably like to have at least one blow-out meal. Ethnic cuisines are certainly welcome, but we definitely feel the need for some good local flavors. Guide me -- we're hungry putty in your hands! Thanks.

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  1. I assume you will not have a car. Some of NOLA's finest restaurants are in the GD and Uptown. You can take a cab ride about 15 minutes or the streetcar and walk a few blocks. If you are willing to do so you should have lunch at Commander's Palace on Friday which is a $20.00 special and 25 cent martini's. Other fine restaurants in the GD and Uptown you should consider are Coquette just down the street from CP and Patois, Clancy's and Brigtsen's in Uptown. A fun day is lunch in the GD or Uptown then spend the afternoon browsing along Magazine Street's great bars and shops in the 3,000 to 5,000 block area. Column's Hotel on St. Charles is a fun place to have a drink watching the traffic on SC from the porch before heading back to your hotel.

    If you prefer to stay in the FQ and CBD you should consider Galatoire's, Mr. B's, Bayona, Emeril's, NOLA, Cochon, August, Iris, Bon Ton, Herbsaint and Mila. Some fun places that are very reasonable are Mena's Palace for good soul food for breakfast or lunch, Johnny's Po Boy's and Central Grocery. Stick with the local flavors since you have not been to NOLA in 20 years. Enjoy the citie's great cuisine. Let us know about your plans in regards to travel.

    Parkway Tavern has great po boy's also but you will need to catch the streetcar. It's not far and the food is outstanding. Good luck.

    1. We are coming in on the afternoon of Tuesday the 22nd and flying out on Sunday the 26th (enough time for brunch!). We have no activities planned as yet, although we're both fond of antiquing and house tours.

      Yes, I really do want to concentrate on Cajun/Creole (I'm still dreaming of a crawfish etoufee I had in a place I can't remember on Bourbon St), but I don't want to be closed to possibilities if somebody has a great suggestion otherwise.

      Thanks for the tips so far.

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        Just an FYI...Tuesday is the 21st. :-)

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          I'm calendar-challenged ;-} But we are coming in on the 22nd.