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Nov 16, 2010 12:35 PM

What to get....what to get.... Turkey VOTE !

Turkey Day is upon us one more time this year and I am toren up between what brand Turkey to get. Any suggestions would be appreciate it.

1. Marys
2. Willies
3. Heidi's
4. Diestel

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  1. Organic, free range or heritage? Pre-brined or brine it yourself. To be roasted or fried?

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    1. re: wolfe

      Organic, free range, Pre Brined and I will roast. Thanks !

      1. re: biogenic

        Just asking not voting since I already have my 21#, $9 Safeway bird.
        Have you seen this thread?

        1. re: wolfe

          I'm traveling for T-day but I'm going to buy one of those supermarket lost-leader turkeys, brine it, roast it and then eat and freeze a bunch.

          1. re: wolfe

            Thanks for link. Very informative. I'll call Ver Brugge Butcher on College and Alcatraz and see what hey have to offer. To be honest, I was checking out the Safeway $9 birds myself. From what I hear there is not a lot of difference between brands...

            The Costco option on the pre brined birds is another option.

            1. re: biogenic

              The Pop Up General Store will have BN Ranch heritage turkey various sizes.

              1. re: biogenic

                Oh gosh, please don't do a Safeway bird, yikes! You get what you pay for - keep that in mind. I just called and talked to Ver Brugge and from their point of view the Willie and Diestel are comparable. They are both $2.99/lb. and they charge $12 extra for brining. My order is in!

        2. From that list I'd place Willie's first, though I tend to prefer the heritage (though they will cost you). I'm doing a Bill Niman heritage bird this year, did a Good Sheppard bird (ordered from Prather Ranch) a few years back and loved that.

          Prather Ranch
          1 Ferry Bldg # 32, San Francisco, CA

          1. I decided to get a Kosher turkey from TJ. Since it's sort of brined? I guess I should not stuff it? (I always stuffed my turkeys in the past.)

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            1. re: walker

              You'll probably be really happy without stuffing it, and never want to go back. It just cooks up easier with less mess. It's less picturesque but taste wise we didn't notice a whole lot of difference, or miss it.

            2. We used to get Mary's before we started buying direct from a farm. I find that heritage breeds have more flavor—even the white meat is dark.

              If you want to buy it brined, a kosher turkey might save you money.

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              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I don't like dark meat at all, don't like a gamy taste, either. I was always pretty happy with Butterballs; already bought the TJ Kosher bird, a bit over 13 lbs, about $30.