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Nov 16, 2010 12:32 PM

Liquid Nitrogen

Darling Nephew wants to try something with molecular gastronomy for Thanksgiving dinner. Where in Philly can he obtain liquid nitrogen for this purpose?

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  1. P'Cakes,

    I can't wait to hear about this one! Please keep us informed.

    Chemistry departments at the major universities will have suppliers for such but I'm wondering if special permits are needed. Its quite a bit more dangerous than hunks of dry ice.


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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      In years past, my sister & I have made our kids (youngest is a sophomore in college, then the ages jump to 26-30+) participate in an appetizer throwdown for Thanksgiving & Christmas. This year we decided to forgo the heavy apps and assign each cousin a piece of the actual meal, with Sis & I doing the basic turkey, stuffing, mashed & gravy. I called out a name & Sis drew a type of dish (app, side, dessert) out of a hat to match up. Nephew got "salad", and claimed the draw was rigged because my daughter Kate got "dessert", and she makes kick-ass desserts. After many trash-talking emails back and forth ("there are no small dishes, only small chefs"), nephew came out with his ESPN-Like Power Rankings and is secretly plotting to bring molecular gastronomy into his salad presentation. The boy is an engineer -- he can't help it., He also watches too much Top Chef.

      Our family dinners are always an adventure. Contact me via my email & I will send you the "Power Rankings" da nephew created for the Thanksgiving smackdown. The only cousin missing is the one who is an exec sous at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio. He will probably participate in judging via web cam.

      1. re: PattiCakes

        Whatever he brings, it will be very well chilled. Please let us know.

    2. UPDATE: He never did the liquid nitrogen thing. I think that was one of those bright ideas that was a little beyond his ability/experience level to pull off. He made a wonderful mixed green salad with sliced pears & a light honey dijon vinaigrette. He plated it with goat cheese rounds that had been crusted in chopped spiced pecans & slightly warmed/saute'd. The whole presentation was lovely. His college sophomore brother made miniature quiche for an app; his step-brother made a peppery roasted butternut squash chowder; & his sister made mushrooms stuffed with spinach. My son made an updated fresh green bean casserole with wild mushrooms and shallots, and my daughter made a mile-high apple-cranberry pie and the carrot cake from the Frog Commissary cookbook. Here's the cake and the pie.

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