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Nov 16, 2010 11:00 AM

Large group nothern LI. - moved from Outer Boroughs board

We need suggestions for a group of 10-14 people somewhere between say, New Hyde Park and Northport. No Asian, no chains and average to above average pricing. Separate room not a must. Any local favorites?

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  1. Porto Vivo-Huntington
    Harbor Mist-Cold Spring Harbor
    Crossroads-E. Northport

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    1. re: chaz

      Is 'Harbor Mist' the same place that used to be 'Inn on the Harbor' some years ago? Just curious, as I used to work very near there and we went there often at the time. I had heard that it went downhill after Chef Antoine left, though, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was sold.

      It was right on 25a and so the front of the restaurant faced the marina/Cold Spring Harbor.

      1. re: dessert_diva

        Yes, I believe that is the same place. I've gone there twice for their prix fixe which includes 2 lb lobsters and the food was very god.

    2. Fiore's in Floral Park - just west of NHP but barely. Fantastic Italian food, service and reasonable prices.