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Nov 16, 2010 10:36 AM

What to do with pork shoulder?

I have a large amount of boneless pork shoulder "ribs" that I need to get to cooking and need some ideas other than pulled pork which is my usual for a pork shoulder. I have no restrictions.


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  1. Mmmm, Pork Shoulder. Braise it!

    Here are a couple of solutions I've tried, both fantastic.

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      I love the red cooked pork! Very different from my usual pulled pork. Thanks for the links.

    2. Carnitas Michoacan style which means the pork is simmered in lots of oil.

      Another alternative is Chile Verde.

      1. Definitely braise it. White wine, Italian herbs and spices, bay leaf, a little chickens stock and white wine.
        There's tons of ways to braise it. You could also break it down into cubes to braise.

        1. I'm making Tyler Florence's Pernil al horno (roasted pork shoulder) right now:

          1. You can braise it until tender, then shred it and make tacos. I made wonderful Chipolte pork tacos last night with pork chops but shoulder would be even better. Check out my recipe at my blog (which I just do for fun :)