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Nov 16, 2010 09:26 AM

Cast Iron Cookware -- NOT made in China

I would like to get a few pieces of cast iron cookware, but I am really leery of buying something that turns out to be manufactured in China. The Lodge Company boasts of being an American company yet they import their cast iron enamel DO from China.

I am not sure if that is an indication the rest of their cast iron skillets, kettles, etc. have the same provenance, but I really want something that is made anywhere but China. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. All Lodge except for the enameled is USA made

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    1. While I wouldn't necessarily worry too much about using cast iron imported from China personally, I will say that the older cast iron cookware is made with better iron than any of the stuff made today (whether US made or not). So I would suggest looking for a used Griswold or Wagner made before the 1940s or 50s; you should be able to get #8-10 size skillets for around $30-40 as long as you're not too picky about it being a collectors item. This should be lighter weight and better quality steel than something from Lodge or any other current manufacturer. More information on this if you just search for those manufacturer names on this forum.

      The older pans tend to have smoother cooking surfaces, which I, at least, prefer.

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        will47: "I will say that the older cast iron cookware is made with better iron than any of the stuff made today (whether US made or not)."

        Granted that US made Lodge 2010 is not up to US made made-in-Erie Griswold.

        But Tanuki Soup is correct: 2010 Iwachu (or iron cast by other makers of Nambutetsu) from Morioka is at least equal to, probably better than, the legendary Erie Griswold of the 1930s.

      2. Agree that all lodge plain cast iron is made in the US. You might also consider Iwachu cast iron from Japan. Outstanding quality and interesting designs.

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          Oh really. Lwachu? I will have to look that brand up. :-)

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            Sorry for the confusion due to the font - it should be Iwachu (the first letter is an "i", not an "L")

        2. Unless things have really changed, Le Crueset and Staub are still made in France. And both are enameled.