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Nov 16, 2010 09:16 AM

Dim Sum on Long Island?

Any recommendations for dim sum on LI? We are in Huntington but willing to drive up to 30 minutes.

Heard good things about Fortune Wheel in Levittown? Any comments?


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  1. Check out the Orient in Bethpage on Hicksville Road. They do dim sum off the menu and I think they do weekend dim sum.

    Fortune Wheel is good, for LI, but they do cater to an Oriental crowd and some of the server's do not speak English.

    In about 40 minutes you can be in Flu Shing (Flushing). There is a tremendous dim sum place in the middle of town there.



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    1. re: Fred19

      i agree that Fortune Wheel is very good for Dim Sum. I also agree they cater to an Oriental Crowd, but I have always been treated very nicely at Fortune Wheel, and felt like I was an outsider the one time I went to The Orient. Considering they are so close to each other, and Fortune Wheel makes good food, I can't be bothered to go back to The Orient.

    2. Fortune Wheel was very crowded for weekend dim sum. The food isas good as Flushing's, but with fewer choices. The dim sum halls in Flushing are extremely crowded too with waits up to an hour at Jade Asian and others.

      1. I've been going to Fortune Wheel for well over 10 years. the food's taste is very good, but frequently the food is just not hot enough when it is brought to the table. I tend to send it back and ask it to be heated up. however, the last few times I have been there, it seems that more and more of the dishes just are not hot enough

        1. Best Dim Sum is the Orient.any where. I'm ABChinese and I know where to eat! I grew up in chinatown and The Orient is just the best. I've been to HK, china, all over Asia, Europe, The US, you name it. I always come back to the Orient. so do all of my asian and chinese friends. They cater to all the Chinese families here. Fortune Wheel has definitely gone down hill. Besides, they talked about me and my "White" Boyfriend, like I didn't understand. So, the Orient Rocks for me.

          1. I just had dim sum yesterday at Northern Manor, which is technically in Queens but just over the Nassau border on Northern Blvd. If you are looking for dim sum in western Nassau, this is what I would recommend. Good selection, crowded (meaning everything was fresh out of the kitchen), and the wait staff were able to at least describe most of the dishes in English.

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            1. re: LloydG

              I second the vote for Northern Manor. Great variety and very fresh.

              I have given up on LI dim sum. Agree that Fortune Wheel has gone downhill, and got tired of being treated like a second class citizen at The Orient because I am caucasian.

              1. re: valmar

                After criticizing the Orient, I must be obliged to defend it. When I dine there, i t's generally in the evening and the crowd is at least 70-80% Caucasian. The only difference I have noticed in how they are treated compared to the Asian customers is that the tiny bowl of pickled cabbage is only offered graitis to the Asian customers. If Valmar can cite other discrimination, he should supply it. Otherwise, it is best not to condemn without fact.

                1. re: budcar

                  Why would you assume I made that statement without having had that experience?

                  I have been to the Orient many times and do believe they are capable of making excellent food, but am frustrated that they assume that most causcasians want the same americanized food. I base this on the fact that the only time I truly got the same food that is offered to the Asians was when I was there with my brother-in-law who lives in Hong Kong and is fluent in Chinese. He convinced Tommy that we knew the difference. Of course it helped that he was able to read the Chinese menu.

                  As far as dim-sum, I have been there twice. Both times, we were seated at a back table and the carts seemed to give priority to the Asian tables. In addition, the variety of dim sum pales in comparison to the offerings at Norhtern Manor or any of the places I have eaten at in Flushing.

                  But you are correct that the Orient does have a loyal caucasian following, especially at dinner. And the restaurant caters to those tastes.