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Nov 16, 2010 09:13 AM

Looking for Authentic Mexican Food Items in Edmonton, Alberta

I am hoping someone can help me find a shop (or shops) that sell the following items: a tortilla press, different varieties of Mexican cheeses especially cojita (sp?), ancho chilies as well as other chilies (not just jalapeno and Serrano peppers like Safeway), salsas, etc. and other ingredients that I can’t think of right now, but that you would use in authentic Mexican recipes. Thanks!

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  1. All of your answers will be solved by visiting Tienda Latina on Argyll and 99st. Solid selection of cheeses, supplies, chilies, and even some in house Torta's.

    1. Paraiso Tropical
      9136 118 Avenue Nw, Edmonton, AB T5B 0V1

      Haven't been in Edmonton for a couple of years now but when I was in the city I LOVED this place. Queso fresco, achiote paste, banana leaves, TONS of dried chilies, and on the weekend prepared Mexican and Salvadoran food: tamales, Chicharrónes!!!, really great. Most times I was in there where a couple 20 or 30 somethings working and they were very happy to point out products and give suggestions.

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        Thanks! I work close to 99 Street and Argyll so I will have to drop by and when 118 Ave construction finishes I will pop over there as well.

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          I tried going to Paraiso Tropical and couldn't find it.. I was pretty sure I was looking at the right building but I was driving at the same time, so.. :) Has anyone been there recently?

          Thanks to raidar for the tip on Tienda Latina.