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Nov 16, 2010 09:07 AM


Now that the dungeness season is open, is there a good source for fresh (not frozen) at a reasonable price?

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  1. You can buy 'em live @ 99 Ranch, and they'll likely have (along with the other Asian seafood markets around the county) the best prices...

    BTW it looks like it's going to be a banner year for Dungeness, so expect low prices and good availability...

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      1. re: cgfan

        Good question!

        When I lived up in the Bay Area we'd just go to the docks in Half Moon Bay and buy them straight off the boats, is there anywhere to do that here in SD?

        I found the 99 ranch ones to usually be lower quality, pretty much equal to their lower price. It always seemed like the meat would shrivel up or something, it was never as "meaty" and flavorful as the ones from off the boats. IMO, it would be better to just skip 99 and try and get it straight from the source.

        1. re: kriot

          The Dungeness Crab range ends around Point Conception, so you're not going to find any "fresh off the boat" in San Diego.

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            I hate to hijack the thread but what can we get "fresh off the boat" in SD? Any port in particular? At the farmers market they've got Urchin and some fish, but I've never picked anything up from the docks.

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              Sign up for their email. Specials almost every weekend.

      2. Got a couple on Saturday at Del Mar Fish Market. They were $7.45 a pound. Very sweet and tasty.

        1. I was at Thuan Phat market in Linda Vista this weekend and they were selling for 2.59/lb for live crabs and 1.99/lb for the "semidead" ones. The worker would take some he thought were dead out of the tank and put them in some bins (but some of those were still alive).

          Can't guarantee the prices will still be good, but worth a shot if you have a crab craving