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Deep fried apple pies

If you are one of those people who misses the deep fried apple pies from McDonald's, Harveys has brought back their version!

I just happened to notice them at the Harvey's in the Home Depot in Leaside and was thrilled.

I know that Full Tummy is a fan so I wanted to get the word out.

Also, I called the customer service line to tell them how thrilled I was to see them back on their menu. Hopefully they will keep these on the menu for good.

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  1. Are they filled w/ apple flavored hot lava and fried in beef tallow like the old McD's pies?

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      Yes. The scalded the roof of your mouth and make you talk "la' diss" for the next 2 hours.
      They're delicious, and pretty horribly bad for you, and therefore quite awesome!

    2. Thanks for the tip! I used to love these as a kid, but haven't been to Harvey's in ages. Guess this is a good time to revisit.

      1. Doesn`t Burger King carry those pies also? A & W does as well, except it is covered with cinnamon sugar.

        1. This is great news! I used to LOVE the old McDonald's pies.


          1. Diamond Pizza on Danforth has them, I think they're Mcain

            Diamond Pizza
            1349 Danforth Rd, Toronto, ON M1J1G7, CA

            1. this is in a different realm from the fast food ones and would likely require a special order... but i would strongly suggest getting rachelle's from beast apple pie. it's a refined but hits all the important points of the mcd's deep fried pie and with a really thick and luscious dulce de leche. i had it while she was still at the wine bar and think of it fondly. will have to see what i can do about getting it again...

              1. Thank you, LovelyAsia, I will have to get one, pronto!!!

                1. Yep they;'re back at Harveys and .50 cents if you add it to a combo. But hasn't A&W been doing these with cinnamon on the outside since forever? Sonny's in Brampton too

                  1. LovelyAsia, I had Hubby bring one home for me today. Pretty good replacement, though not quite the same. I remember McD's being more flaky with more bubbles on the surface of the pastry. Still, it satisfies the craving. Here's hoping someone comes out with a cherry pie!! Btw, thank you so much for alerting us.

                    Will also have to try the A&W version.

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                    1. re: Full tummy

                      Your welcome Full tummy! I know what you mean, they are not quite the McD's pie but close...

                      I have had 2 of them at Harvey's since my original sighting, and I noticed that one time they were kept in the deep fryer longer and had more bubbles on the surface and being well done made the crust tastier... the other was a little lighter in colour, so I guess if they leave them in the minimum amount of time the crust does not get crispy enough, but the filling is always hot lava!

                      I agree a deep fried cherry pie would be wonderful!

                      Thanks to the other posters who mentioned other versions, but for me, I am trying to find as close a substitute to McD's original pies.

                      in fact, I used to go to Pizza Hut for their mini version which was also dusted with cinnamon sugar but it was never quite the same... and I believe Pizza Pizza sells the McCain apple pies but they always tasted awful... at least at Harvey's the only other thing going in the oil is fries, not chicken wings!

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                        Yes, I also found the Pizza Pizza ones tasted disgusting. Good to have the Harveys option finally. Maybe next time I'll ask if the pie can be left in the fryer longer.