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Nov 16, 2010 07:16 AM

Bamix on ice= safe?

I've been contemplating getting a Bamix for a couple of weeks now. I was thinking the gastro 350 for its power, but I'm thinking of getting the little accessory set with the bowl too, but it looks like that's only for the Swissline model. But before I even start choosing a model, I have to make sure that I can do EVERYTHING with it to justify the price (it's about 250 euros here for the Gastro). I'm not going to list the obvious little tasks that are a breeze like chopping nuts and grinding coffee, the one thing I'm really worried about is ice--should I be worried about doing it damage? (damage to the blender; damage to ice is highly desirable)
I make lots of ice desserts (I like smoothies thick and frozen) and occasionally grind frozen meat, maybe even snow would be nice.

another option looks like the Waring WSB40, but I couldn't find it on a european site, so don't even know if they make it for 220v.

any insight is highly appreciated!

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  1. I would be wary of using any model of any immersion blender for crushing ice from cubes. If the cubes were broken up a bit into half-inch pieces, and with some fluid, I might try it with a close eye and ear on the operation for any straining.
    If you are making lots of smoothies and things that need crushed ice why not just get an electric crusher? Not awfully expensive. Ours is so noisy (96 dbA) that hearing protection has to be used.