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Nov 16, 2010 05:38 AM

Fun SOBE spot for group to have heavy apps early evening??

I have a group of 15 people going to an event on a Friday night at the Wolfsonian.
We'll be somewhat dressed up and are looking for a fun place for cocktails and heavy apps. (basically a light dinner).
Ideally some place that does not require reservations for bar/lounge area that is likely not to be to crowded around 7:00 pm.

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  1. Practically across the street from Wolfsonian is Chef Douglas Rodriguez's Cuban restaurant, located in the Astor, an Art Deco hotel. I think it would be perfect for your group: tapas menu, cozy seating areas indoor (choose the bar area) and out back. Cocktails are fabulous. Here's a photo of the outdoor space:

    1. Wine Depot & Bistro 555. It's new you'll love it.
      555 Jefferson Avenue - Miami Beach, FL 33139
      Tel: (305) 672 6161

      Wine Depot & Bistro 555
      555 Jefferson Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139