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Nov 16, 2010 05:09 AM

Sugar-free cranberry sauce/relish??

I'm looking for ideas on how to prepare cranberries for Thanksgiving, but without refined sweeteners (and definitely no other highly processed ingredients, such as splenta, agave nectar, aspartame, etc). Any suggestions on recipes that use more natural sugars, such as saba (grape must), maple syrup, honey, date sugar, etc?

Thanks so much!

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  1. "...such as saba (grape must), maple syrup, honey, date sugar, etc?"

    So you're not really looking for sugar-free since all the above are actually sugars.

    Maple syrup or honey are flavors that combine well with cranberries. If you're making a relish-type cranberry side, combine all your ingredients and then sweeten to taste erring on the side of less is more, allowing it to meld for a couple of hours and then taste again and adjust if necessary..

    1. in a food processer, pulse 1 cup fresh cranberries with 1 supreme-d seedless orange and a bare pinch of salt. Add your sweetener of choice (I'd go with date sugar to keep the mix a bit drier). Keep it a bit tart and add more sweet if necessary after flavors have had an hour or so to meld.

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        Ok, I've tried both of the above ideas and they work well. I also experimented with doing a cooked version of weezycom's recipe, and it was also very good, although quite a different flavor from the raw version. The raw version tasted more refreshing, but the taste and drier consistency of the cooked version felt more like what I would expect for Thanksgiving.

        Regarding natural sugars (sorry, morwen, for not putting the word "refined" in my post title, I was trying to keep it short) I was pleasantly surprised by the results of using Coconut Sugar, from evaporated coconut trees. I got this at Whole Foods.

        And lastly, I tried cooking in some quince with the cooked version of weezycom's recipe - and that's the one my husband liked the best. I think that the quince just diluted the sour cranberry flavor a bit, which resulted in the whole dish needing a bit less sugar.

        Thanks for the help!