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Nov 16, 2010 04:39 AM

Keeping cookie logs round

When I make a roll of cookie dough into a round shape to put into the fridge or freezer for later cutting it often settles some and I end up with an oval-rectangle shape instead. It's then to hard to try and even things out by rolling around some more.

What hints does anyone have for A. getting a log of dough into a great pretty round shape and then, B. Keeping it's round shape.

I have been trying to think of something that I could set the dough into but the only thing that comes to kind is paper towel cardboard tube and since I go through about one roll a year it's going to be a while till I can experiment!


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  1. How about getting a sheet of card and just rolling it around the dough log and securing it with an elastic band while it's in the fridge? I imagine that the paper towel cardboard tube might be a mite too small anyway - guess it depends on what size cookie you're after.

    1. keeping it's round shape- rotate the log as you slice the cookies.

      1. I share your pain. I make multiple dozens of logs of shortbread dough every year, and it's a lot harder than one would think to roll cookie dough into a nice round cylinder. I've resigned myself to "artisanal", cookies, which still taste great. ("Artisanal" = "not round") I make many hundreds of these and ship them all over the continent to a growing list, and I had to stop worrying about the shape, frankly.

        Still, I'm all agog to see what ideas people have.

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          I also bake artisanal cookies =-) Never mastered the perfect rolled shape as of yet and not entirely sure if I ever will. Just bites that when you pop that log into the fridge for the required overnighting that they just sink and sag right down into a different shape. Lot's of squoval shaped cookies for me.

          I am going to try the card stock idea. Not sure why that never occurred to me before. I really only make one kind of roll and slice cookie and I don't really card all that much but it is disappointing each time you take the log out of the fridge none the less. Luckily I don't have any issue with the dough squishing as it is being cut, just the settling in the fridge issue. This particular cookie is WAY to hard to try to reshape after the fridge time.

        2. Wrap the log in wax paper and then in heavy paper or card stock. Put in the fridge to firm up. When you cut the cookies use dental floss so you don't squish the dough.

          Works like a charm!

          1. Haven't made them in years and I remember my mom muttering about this. I think I'd take the plastic wrapped log after it was refrigerated and log-roll it again until it's round, and return it to the fridge. I'd also make sure the grates in the fridge (if you have them rather than actual flat shelves) went across the log rather than the long way, so you don't have little notches in one side of each slice.