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Nov 16, 2010 04:16 AM

Bull Run Thanksgiving Buffet

This looked like a nice menu / value

Bull Run Restaurant
RR 2 Box A, Shirley, MA 01464

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  1. looks like a very good value too.

    1. Is this a pub-like atmosphere? What's it like?

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      1. re: three of us

        Not sure what room they do it in. Im guessing their main dining/function room which is pretty fancy with waitstaff in uniforms, etc.. There are some photos on their site.

      2. I've never been for the buffet but had a few family meals here in the past. Its definitely an old school feeling place, like your grandma's house. My recollection is there are two spaces, one is pubby where they have pretty good entertainment, especially for the burbs. And another more formal space but even though its more formal than the pub it is by no means formal. Everything we all had we pretty good, no complaints!