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Nov 16, 2010 04:02 AM

Best Value: Senderens, Savoy or Cascade?

I am planning to visit Paris next year for two weeks and have already started planning my itinerary, including the restaurants to visit.

I'm currently debating which of the following represents the best deal: the tasting menu at Senderens (without wine) for E110, the lunch menu (without wine) at Guy Savoy for E100 or the "menu du marche" (wine included) at La Grande Cascade for E85.

I might be mistaken but the reason I'm comparing these three restaurants is because I think they are rather similar in terms of aesthetics: Senderens & Savoy having been part of the nouvelle cuisine movement while Frederic Robert worked for Senderens before.

It might be good to state that by value I'm referring not only to price, though it does matter greatly--E110 is already quite expensive for me. I am also looking at the quality of the food. Further, I want to determine which one fully reflects their respective chef's/establishment's aesthetic. For instance, is the Senderens tasting menu more reflective of the restaurant's spirit than the "menu du marche" is of Le Grande Cascade?

Would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this one.

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  1. As a general rule, we typically spend about as much for, say, a Kir and decent bottle of wine as for the food. So for us, the Grand Cascade is a steal. So it all depends on whether you choose to join us in the "sot" column. Please note, there are others to chose from, all discussed by others quite recently.

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        My preference would be the Guy Savoy special, and I would probably end up paying over 400 Euros for two, still a great relative bargain. What would souphie do, besides Grand Cascade?