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Nov 15, 2010 08:43 PM

Good Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Beach County??

Last minute plans cancelled. We need a good place for Thanksgiving dinner for 4 people. Anyone know a tasty place? Doesn't need to be upscale, just yummy. Thanks!!

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  1. not sure where in the county you are, but the Blue Anchor pub on Atlantic in Delray is open in the afternoon for TG dinner. The delis like Poppies, 3G's etc are also open.

    1. Funny you brought this up. I just finished reading this article on this topic.

      They list several appealing options in pbc.

      1. I know Bogart's Bar & Grille is open and doing full thanksgiving!
        in the muvico in Boca, airport road.

        1. Chef John's in Jupiter is having a T-giving dinner with live blues from Dave Shelley & Bluestone. Live music starts at 9pm. I hear the food is very good but I have never eaten here. I only go for the live music on Wed. to Sun nights.

          1. We're going to Renzo's of Boca - we go every year so DH can get the traditional meal and I have Italian something - don't like turkey or any of the fixings.