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Nov 15, 2010 07:38 PM

Peppadews in Vancouver?

Has anyone seen peppadew peppers anywhere in Vancouver? The only place I've seen these tasty morsels is at Whole Foods/Capers, and I'm hoping to find an alternative. Thanks!

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  1. Rocotillos might work but they too are a rare sight.

    1. I've only seen these at "gourmet" type stores so try Urban Fare, Gourmet Warehouse, South China Seas Trading etc.

      1. Perhaps google South African food sellers in Vancouver.I think those are from SA and perhaps they bring them in !

        1. It's 2013, and things are improving. Peppadews are a South
          African product, so Lower Mainland sources like African Breeze (1 in North Vancouver, new store in Kitsilano) routinely carry them. So does the unbeatable Gourmet Warehouse on East Hastings. Plus, news flash -- I just found them in the SALAD VEG. section of my big West End Safeway at Davie & Denman, after a senior staffer told me that if they weren't shelved with the other bottled peppers/pickles, they weren't carried. And, Safeway
          sells them for about $2-3 less per bottle too.

          1. I've recently seen peppadews at Safeway in Burnaby Heights, at the self-serve olive counter.
            They seem to be a staple at Whole Foods.