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Nov 15, 2010 06:54 PM

Charlie Brown's Steakhouse closes 13 N.J. restaurants

It seems more and more restaurants are closing. Business must be bad all over.I was never a fan of these restaurants but I fell badly for all of the employees who are losing their jobs.

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  1. One of the last of the places with a salad bar.

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      1. re: eleeper

        Only 1 diner in my area has a salad "bar" if you could call it that.

        There's still Ruby Tuesdays. :)

    1. The 13 Charlie Browns locations in New Jersey that will be closed are: Alpha, Blackwood, Clifton, Green Brook, Hackettstown, Highland Park, Hillsboro, Kingston, Matawan, Montclair, Piscataway, Tenafly and Union.

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        Oh good. Not the Hamilton one:) I actually like Charlie Brown's quite a bit, despite its reputation as a senior citizen mecca and it being a chain restaurant. When I'm watching what I'm eating, between the salad bar and the grilled steak/chicken choices, I can pretty much tailor my meal to what I need while my dining companions indulge. It's probably my favorite chain restaurant (out of the very few that I enjoy), now that I think about it.

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          I thought the Matawan location is quite crowded the few times I had been there.

        2. Sad sad sad. Yeah it's a chain and the food is nothing to rave about, but it was the only decent place in Highland Park to grab a drink, hang out at the bar and then walk home. Also (and I can't believe I'm admitting this) they serve a slice of the best non-frou-frou chocolate cake ever. The cake to frosting ratio is perfect and the entire outside is covered in mini chocolate chips. I wish I knew where they get it from.

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            My husband and I went to the Matawan charlie brown's on our first date almost 15 years ago! We'll have to revisit it before it closes. I still love the salad bar, and completely agree with Heatherb about their healthier choices.

          2. The food at the Union location was horrendous.

            1. The Asbury Park Press has reported that the Lacey and Tinton Falls locations have closed as well.


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                They closed 9 more today, five of which are in NJ:

                The company that owns Charlie Brown’s Steakhouses quietly closed at least nine more restaurants in the tri-state area today, adding to the 20 eateries it abruptly shuttered earlier this week and stirring anger among workers and customers who say they received little or no warning.

                In the second wave of closings to hit the 40-year-old chain this week, five New Jersey restaurants were closed today in East Windsor, Eatontown, Fairfield, Forked River and Woodbridge, in addition to four locations in New York and Pennsylvania.

                The closings shrink the popular family chain to 29 locations, nearly half of what it had at the start of the week. Unlike Monday, when the company announced the first wave of closures, there was no official announcement today. However, employees who answered the phone at each of the five New Jersey locations confirmed they had closed.



                Charlie Browns
                443 S Main St, Forked River, NJ 08731