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Nov 15, 2010 05:51 PM

London for Thanksgiving

going to london Friday to visit our daughter for a week who is studying there this year. She rarely eats out because it is too expensive! Need recommendations for our family of 4, 2 adults, 2 kids, 16 and 20...we are staying at a friend's place in Chelsea. Dinner recommendations needed for Thanksgiving dinner (have done some research and la fromagerie and Julies are having thanksgiving, also Christoohers and Claridges...other suggestions/ or recommendations on those mentioned?). We are also looking for some place to eat after a 4 pm soccer match in Cravens Cottage on Sunday. the Cat's Back? The White horse? Need an east end eatery (Moro?) not far from Broadway Market. Also looking at River Cafe for another night. Would love a Dim Sum place and also Indian. What about Andew Edmunds? And perhaps someplace off the beaten track for afternoon tea that would appeal to a teenage girl? Thanks!

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    1. Personally, I would not opt for Thanksgiving at La Fromagerie... no atmosphere! I think you'll find something more appealing on the Time Out list or you can Google for more names if necessary, as restaurant names will appear.

      For Dim Sum, Min Jiang is terrific, albeit pricey - Indian could be Moti Mahal, Amaya, Cinnamon Club (unusual dining area), weekend brunch at Bombay Brasserie.. the list is endless. Quilon is also excellent.

      I had tea recently at the Mandeville Hotel - lovely room with good food and it was quite empty the day we were there. Off the beaten track could be the tea at Sotheby's Auction House.. there's also Fortnum & Mason's, the Wolesley, Harrod's... check tips here with the search box above.

      1. I once had Thanksgiving at Joe Allen's in Covent Garden - but that was quite a while back. Don't know if they still do it.

        1. Moro is great but not that close to Broadway Market, maybe a £10 black cab ride. For places a bit closer, you could try Bistrotheque - if your teenage girl is in to fashion she will love it and you could walk to the market from there. Or you could try one of the many Vietnamese places on Kingsland Road which are also a (slightly further) walk away. Albion or Boundary are also not too far away.

          1. The Charles Lamb in Islington is doing a Thanksgiving. I've really enjoyed everything I've ever eaten there. I would also recommend it as a pleasant canal walk from Broadway Market if the weather is ok. I'm also fond of the Green Papaya on Mare Street which is v close to Bway Market. I think Moro is in a different league and if I was offered the choice, I'd go to Moro in a heartbeat.