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Dinner near the Jubilee Auditorium

jrabbit2727 Nov 15, 2010 03:59 PM

Going to the Opera at 8pm on Saturday and am looking for a nice relatively quick dinner pre show.

Would like it to be close by with easy parking.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Jasz RE: jrabbit2727 Nov 15, 2010 06:19 PM

    Can't speak for quick, but if you like East Indian, Namskar is good and relatively close.

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    1. re: Jasz
      Jasz RE: Jasz Nov 15, 2010 09:39 PM

      I did assume Calgary as there is an opera production going on this Saturday, sorry if you're talking Edmonton.

    2. raidar RE: jrabbit2727 Nov 15, 2010 06:44 PM

      Parking is a bit of a mess in that area, but you can try The Twisted Fork, Original Joes, Da Capo, Earl's, Yokozuna (sushi), Hudsons, Highlevel Diner, Urban Diner, Sugarbowl..the list goes on really...

      I know you said nice, but any preferences would probably help.

      Urban Diner
      12427 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N, CA

      Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar
      3690 Westwinds Dr NE, Calgary, AB T3J 5H3, CA

      1. d
        Dan G RE: jrabbit2727 Nov 15, 2010 08:20 PM

        I think there's a bit of a problem here...Southern or Northern? Couldn't figure out where Namskar was until I realized there's a Jube in YYC too. As for Edmonton, raider pretty much hit all the spots. My first choice would be Twisted Fork.

        1. vanderb RE: jrabbit2727 Nov 16, 2010 02:24 AM

          If it happens to be Calgary, there is La Luna Rosa at the bottom of 14th Street hill (west side) which is pretty good old school Italian. GlobeFish sushi is another 100 metres down 14th on the East side and then of course all of Kensington is at your disposal.

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          1. re: vanderb
            makan2 RE: vanderb Nov 16, 2010 09:59 AM

            Actually, La Luna Rosa is now closed. In its place, Red House Family Restaurant resides there. It's a Chinese restaurant serving ,I think, Western chinese food like ginger beef, wor wonton, Singapore fried noodles, etc.

            Red House Family Restaurant

            823 14 St NW, Calgary, AB T2N 2A4

            Another great restaurant to go is Muku Ramen - my favourie is tonkatsu ramen!!

            1. re: makan2
              jrabbit2727 RE: makan2 Nov 16, 2010 03:13 PM

              Forgive me gang.....I did mean Calgary. Tried to book into SAIT resto as I understand they are right beside each other...but they were all booked up.

              Friend recommended Vero Bistro. Said its not too far. Has anyone been?

              I do love Indian...but I think that its a bit heavy to eat and then sit through a 3 hour opera. So looking for something a little lighter. We eat sushi all the time...so if all else fails we could easily do Globefish as suggested earlier.

              1. re: jrabbit2727
                ybnormal RE: jrabbit2727 Nov 17, 2010 03:10 PM

                Nik's Bistro in Kensington isn't too far away and I've had good meals there.
                Vero would be around the bend on 10th. Parking is a tad easier at Nik's Bistro with street parking really close.

                1. re: ybnormal
                  23skidoo RE: ybnormal Nov 17, 2010 03:53 PM

                  I think you mean Niko's Bistro on Kensington Road?

                  Niko's Bistro
                  1241 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB T2N 3P8, CA

                  1. re: 23skidoo
                    ybnormal RE: 23skidoo Nov 19, 2010 12:07 PM

                    Yep - sorry - I had Nik on my mind for some reason!

                2. re: jrabbit2727
                  TSAW RE: jrabbit2727 Nov 19, 2010 01:52 PM

                  Nicks and Vero both very good and yes, close.

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