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Nov 15, 2010 03:37 PM

wedding present

Can anyone recommend a good tasting menu for a wedding present? Nothing to stodgy. Between $100 -$150/pp.


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  1. degustation. unusual seating - counteer and you are watching the cooks.

    1. Degustation is great. Annisa is also worth considering. The tasting menus at both are all less than $100. Is your stated budget for food only? If so, you could consider some of the high-end options like EMP, SHO or Picholine.

      1. My favorite wedding gift was the Farmer's Feast at Blue Hill at Stone Barns (it's $105 for 5 courses and $135 for 8 courses).

        1. Bouley has an exquisite tasting menu (yes, I've enjoyed it myself so I can recommend it) for $125 per person.